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Market uptake of Solar Thermal Electricity through Cooperation


Final Report: Integrative model-based analysis

This deliverable will compile results from task 8.2, which aims at looking into specific Southern European countries where CSP could be used, assessing the techno-economic performance of different CSP technology concepts, incl. complementary technologies etc. by means of case studies

Consolidated summary of major issues affecting CSP development in Europe

This devliverable will compile results from task 10.1, which aims at providing a consolidated summary and synthesis of the main lessons learnt from CSP development in Europe.

Interim Report: Case Studies analysis of prospects for different CSP technology concepts

This deliverable will compile the results from task 8.1, which aims at undertaking all preparatory works necessary for the execution of the distinct different model-based assessments to be conducted subsequently

An analysis of the barriers to the use of the cooperation mechanisms

This report will be a synthesis report of the findings from task 4.1 regarding the barriers (ie: technological, legal, regulatory, economic, financial, etc) to the use of the cooperation mechanisms in the past.

Lessons from existing coop. initiatives, technologies and concepts

This deliverable compiles outputs from task 6.5, which aims at exploring other cooperation initiatives in Europe.

Analysis of drivers and barriers to the market uptake of CSP in the EU

This report will present a ranking of the drivers and barriers to CSP in the EU in the past as perceived by different types of stakeholders.

Roadmap of European CSP industry development

This deliverable will compile results from task 10.2, which aims at reviewing holistically the possible transition pathways for CSP deployment (developed in WP 7), the outcomes of the quantitative modelling (carried out in WP 8) as well as the analysis of potential implications related to these deployment pathways (analysed in WP 9) in order to suggest sustainable target trajectories for the deployment of CSP technologies in Southern Europe.

Policies for CSP and RES cooperation policies in the EU

This report will suMmarize the results form task 6.2. It will present the main developments in the energy and climate policy of the EU (mainly the current state aid regulation and the new renewable energy directive for the period 2020-2030 - RED II) and how these have been or could be translated at to Member State level legislation to benefit CSP deployment and/or renewables cooperation between Member States.

Pivotal decisions, robust CSP strategies

This deliverable compiles the outputs of task 7.4, which focuses on analysing the quantitative scenarios for common features in the optimised CSP fleets

Analysis of the cost and performance development of the global and European CSP fleet

Based on the updated information and data of cost and performance development of all existing CSP stations and of all stations under construction, this report will present the results of from three analysis 1) the cost development of CSP, including learning rates for the different CSP technologies; 2) the performance of CSP stations, especially concerning their dispatchability; 3) the status and outlook of the European and global CSP industry, both in the developer and solar-specific components markets

Policy Briefs dossier

This dossier will consist of a consolidated version of all 4 policy briefs.

Selection of representative and strategic CSP projects potentially suitable for cooperation

This report will summarize the findings from task 5.1, that is the identification of the most representative set of projects supported with the use of multivariate techniques (principal components or cluster analysis).

Dissemination materials

Dissemination materials will include a wide variety of ítems such as logo, brochure, website, presentation, etc. There will be a first set of materials in month 6 but those will be updated/completed in month 16, 18, 24 and 30

Stakeholder engagement findings: roadmap and final recommendations

This report will summarize all the findings related to social acceptance and stakeholder consultation and engagement tasks conducted throughout the project. The findings presented in this report will be considered in WP10 in drafting the synthesis, action plans and policy recommendations.

Socio-political acceptance findings: barriers and enablers

This report will be the result of an integrated, tailor-made strategy for stakeholders consultation to get a comprehensive picture of the views of the different stakeholders involved in the process.

Sustainability Assessment

This deliverable will compile results from task 9.1, which aims at conducting bottom-up sustainability impact assessment of the potential STE cooperation projects

Database on Integrative model-based analysis

This deliverable will compile results from task 8.3, which aims at analysing distinct scenarios concerning overall ambition level, underlying RES policy concepts and pathways, infrastructural developments / prerequisites as well as technological development and policy pathways related to CSP (and other RES technologies).

Proceedings of MUSTEC outreach events

This report will present a description of the MUSTEC outreach events that have occurred throughout the project.

Potential obstacles to the use of cooperation mechanisms for CSP in the future

This report will combine and integrate the findings of the previous two tasks in order to identify and prioritize the factors which could determine the success or failure of cooperation mechanisms for CSP in the European Union in the future

Evaluation of pros and cons of alternative CSP projects

This report will summarize the finidings from task 5.1 and 5.2 by providing an assessment of the pros and cons of the different considered variables of the CSP selected projects.

Current project structures and financing opportunities

This report will summarize the findings from task 6.3 by documenting the current possible business models for CSP project structuring and financing in Europe.

Public Acceptance findings

This report will summarize the results of a comprehensive assessment of the perception of benefits, costs and other determinants of the attitudes towards international cooperation on CSP. Survey techniques will have been used to consult the public at the regional, regional and national level in different representative countries. Potential producer countries as well as potential transit and receivers will habe been considered.

Data Management Plan

The data management plan will be developed to clarify on related management practices concerning modelling as well as on other forms of data exchange during the course of the project (i.e. general assumptions, external studies, etc.). It will be first developed in month 6 and will be later updated in month 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36.

Stakeholder mapping report

This report will consist on a preliminary mapping of the relevant stakeholders as well as their concerns and interests which will be subsequently matched with the tasks of the project. This will allow a more selective and effective consultation and engagement process.

Detailed project management plan

This detailed Project Management Plan will include a Gantt chart and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). It will include a schedule per task, responsible partner related subtasks, related deliverables, and dependencies on other tasks. At least 2 revisions will be done in the course of the project (one just before the end of the first reporting period and one just before the end of the second reporting period).

Geopolitical context for CSP

This report will provide a synthesis of the results from task 6.4 dealing with the current energy geopolitical landscape in the European countries eventually involved in CSP cooperation mechanisms.

The market environment and market value of CSP projects in Europe

This report will present the results from task 6.1. Aside consisting of a qualitative and semi-quantitative assessment of the different market conditions and an econometric assessment of the market value and the merit order effect of (renewable) electricity.

Scope, variables

This report will provide a synthesis of the results from task 7.1 dealing with the definition of the frame for the scenarios, including common normative, boundaries and exogenous developments shared by all scenarios

Geopolitical feasibility and energy security

This deliverable will compile results from task 9.2. and 9.3, which aims at conducting a detailed mapping of the relevant policy drivers and hurdles for policy makers to engage in cooperation agreements in the studied countries and at conducting an energy security impact assessment of the identified CSP cooperation projects

Action Plan for CSP policies at EU and Member State level

This deliverable will compile results from task 10.3, which aimst at supporting national and European policymakers in designing sustainable and cost-efficient policy packages for the support of CSP which consider the interaction between different policy areas as well as co-effects of environmental policies.

Dominant and minority pathways

This report will provide a synthesis of the results from task 7.2 dealing with the creation of policy pathways based on policy decisions related to each of the actor-contingent variables from Task 7.1

Dissemination and Communication plan

The plan will outline in detail which public and private target groups the project intends to reach, by means of which communication tools and through which dissemination channels. It will also identify and classify the communication and dissemination channels already used by the targeted stakeholder groups. A new version of the Dissemination and Communication Plan will be worked out for each year in order to: (i) plan the next dissemination and communication activities, (ii) refine the communication goals to be achieved according to the experience of the previous year and (iii) ensure the consistency of the communicated messages in relation to each other and in relation to the project's narrative


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