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Upscaling and optimizing subsurface, in situ carbon mineralization as an economically viable industrial option

Project description

An economical and effective geological carbon storage approach with minimal leakage

Among the diverse ways to minimise atmospheric CO2 and ameliorate climate change is geological carbon storage. This involves injecting CO2 captured from industrial processes into rock formations deep underground. The trick is ensuring the gas does not leak back into the atmosphere. The EU-funded CarbFix project developed a very successful approach, injecting CO2 dissolved in water into reactive basaltic rocks. The CO2 is transformed faster (within two years) into carbonate minerals that will be stable for millions of years. The project intends to make the CarbFix geological storage method economically viable with a complete carbon capture and storage chain, and to make the technology accessible throughout Europe.


This CarbFix2 proposal builds upon the success of the recently completed 7th framework CarbFix EC project. The original CarbFix received worldwide recognition for developing novel, safe, and efficient geologic carbon storage method, which successfully converted injected CO2 into stable carbonate rocks within two years. This CarbFix2 project has been designed to make the CarbFix geological storage method both economically viable with a complete CCS chain, and to make the technology transportable throughout Europe. This will be done through a comprehensive project consisting of 1) the co-injection of impure CO2 and other water-soluble polluting gases into the subsurface, 2) developing the technology to perform the CarbFix geological carbon storage method using seawater injection into submarine basalts, and 3) by integrating the CarbFix method with novel air-capture technology. This novel CarbFix2 project is described in detail in this document.

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