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CLEAN clinKER production by Calcium looping process


Calcium looping (CaL) is one of the most promising technologies for CO2 capture in cement plants. The process comprises two basic steps: (1) “carbonation” of CaO to form CaCO3 in a reactor operating around 650°C; (2) oxyfuel calcination in a reactor operating at 920-950°C, which makes the CaO available again and generates a gas stream of nearly-pure CO2.
The CLEANKER project aims at demonstrating at TRL7 the CaL concept in a configuration highly integrated with the cement production process, making use of entrained flow reactors. The highly integrated configuration allows achieving high energy efficiencies, with CO2 capture efficiency over 90%. The adoption of entrained flow gas-solid reactors is particularly suitable - and familiar - to the cement industry.
The core activity of the project is the design, construction and operation of a CaL demonstration system comprising the entrained-flow carbonator (the CO2 absorber) and the entrained-flow oxyfuel calciner (the sorbent regenerator). This demonstration system will capture the CO2 from a portion of the flue gas of the cement plant in Vernasca (Italy) operated by Buzzi Unicem, using as CO2 sorbent the same raw meal used for clinker production. Other activities will include: (i) screening of different raw meals to assess their properties as CO2 sorbent, (ii) reactors and process modelling, (iii) scale-up study, (iv) economic analysis, (v) life cycle assessment, (vi) CO2 transport, storage and utilization study (vii) demonstration of the complete value chain, including mineral carbonation of waste ash with the CO2 captured at Vernasca; (viii) exploitation study for the demonstration of the technology at TRL>7 and for its first commercial exploitation based on CO2 transport and storage opportunities.

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