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ENabling SafE Multi-Brand pLatooning for Europe


First Version Functional specification for white-label trucks (Operational & Tactical layers)

Report 1, first version; quantitative specification of the requirements imposed on the automation functions.

Dissemination and communication plan

Overall plan for the WP6, defining a consistent and efficient dissemination and communication plan with objectives, strategies, measures and project visual identity

Platooning protocol definition and Communication strategy

Specification of the secure vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication between trucks and secure vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication between trucks and smart infrastructure, V2X communication, in order to create an interoperable platooning system. The V2X communication is situated in the tactical layer.

Iterative Process Document and “Item Definition”

Definition of an iterative development process for functional safety activities including description of the item, its dependencies on, and interactions with, the environment and other items.

ENSEMBLE regulatory framework – state of the art

Extensive analysis of the current EU regulatory framework. Gaps and necessities will be identified in order to allow a EU-wide deployment of multi-brand platooning

First version Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment and Functional Safety Concept

Identification and categorisation of the hazards that malfunctions in the platooning function can trigger and derivation of functional safety requirements to mitigate the effects of these hazards. Focused on platooning level A

SOTIF Safety Concept

Identify SOTIF use cases, analyse the associated risks and define SOTIF safety requirements and updated the Operation Design Domain


A Letter of Intent will be drafted by ERT to ask the formalisation of automotive industry and road authorities’ commitment to bring truck platooning technological solutions to the market in a short time horizon.

Security framework of platooning

Security approach for the transmitted control messages will be proposed by increasing the reliability of the messages and reducing the communication delay.

Presentation of use cases

Presentation of the use cases defined in collaboration with all OEM’s of other road users encountering a platoon to be implemented in the simulator study.

V1 Platooning use-cases, scenario definition and Platooning Levels

This report describes the scenarios and use-cases considered for platooning along the definition of the Platooning Levels

Requirements Review from EU projects

Requirements review from EU projects: report summarising the requirements used/defined for platooning in (former) EU projects, as far as available in the public domain

V1 ETPC Meeting Records

This deliverable consist in the minutes of the ETPC meetings, as input for the ENSEMBLE project. V2 will be delivered in M36

First version Demonstration and test plan (data acquisition and data management)

Demonstration and test plan including the definition of common methodology, data to be recorded and KPIs.

V1 Functional specification for intelligent infrastructure (Strategic/Services layers)

Description of possible services (infrastructure services, mapping solutions, location-based service and commercial multi-brand platooning coordination services) explaining the requirements on the Service and Strategic Interfaces. For the infrastructure service, specification of the cloud and V2I API to expose data sent by the road infrastructure for platoon information (centimetric position, speed, weight by axle, etc) . Initial version at M6 focused on the implementation during the Ensemble project.

ENSEMBLE digital presence

ENSEMBLE digital presence will be ensured by a dedicated website linking with the ETPC platform, and social medias presence in the most relevant platforms (LinkedIn, twitter, ResearchGate etch.)

ENSEMBLE Printed material

Printed material such as posters and flyers, to guarantee a relevant and effective dissemination at targeted events. All materials will conform to the project visual identity, to be defined in D6.1.

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