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Co-creation of service innovation in Europe


Policy brief I

A policy brief to communicate the findings of the rapid evidence appraisal and the experiences from the pilot initiation.

Stakeholder matrix

Outcome of the projects' stakeholder analysis

Appraisal report

An appraisal report of the state of art of co-creation in Europe highlighting the best practices

National state-of-the-art reports

A brief national descriptive report by each partner presenting the existing policies of co-creation on a national, local and/or regional level

Project Steering Group member list

List of Steering Group members

Management structure

Description of the project team structure, including member list and responsibilities

Initial workshop report and pilot plans

Initial workshop report and pilot plans

Materials of initial findings and current trends in service co-creation

Materials of initial findings and current trends in service co-creation

IP rights plan and IP rights relevant instructions

IP rights plan and IP rights relevant instructions

Dissemination and communication strategy

Dissemination and communication strategy including schedules, different audiences and dissemination levels (national, European)

Updated project plan

Specified project plan with risk analysis

Pilot plans

Completion of pilot specific action plans for all pilots with the beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Exploitation plan

The relevant national networks and associations of public sector professionals will be mapped in the stakeholder analysis (WP1/M2). Stakeholder analysis will form a basis for the exploitation plan. Once the results of the pilot process are identified, the exploitation plan will be updated to match with the needs and knowledge challenges in the interface of public and private sector.

Progress report

This periodic report is delivered after the second year of implementation.

Dissemination channels

Project dissemination channels are established (project website, project blog and project introduction (web) page in national languages)

Project identity and visual design

Project key message is defined and visual identity is designed (consisting visual design, project logo and project brochure).

Data management plan

Developing data management plan for the open data pilot of Horizon.

Training of Community Reporters

Community reporter training programme for pilot beneficiaries.

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