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Co-creation of service innovation in Europe


User feedback from the roadmap test site

User feedback and learning outcomes from the roadmap test site

Policy brief I

A policy brief to communicate the findings of the rapid evidence appraisal and the experiences from the pilot initiation.

Stakeholder matrix

Outcome of the projects' stakeholder analysis

Appraisal report

An appraisal report of the state of art of co-creation in Europe highlighting the best practices

National state-of-the-art reports

A brief national descriptive report by each partner presenting the existing policies of co-creation on a national, local and/or regional level

Project Steering Group member list

List of Steering Group members

Management structure

Description of the project team structure, including member list and responsibilities

A synthesis of evidence from implementation of all pilots

A synthesis of evidence from implementation of all pilots with learning material in written and visual forms to support the Road Map

Initial workshop report and pilot plans

Initial workshop report and pilot plans

Materials of initial findings and current trends in service co-creation

Materials of initial findings and current trends in service co-creation

IP rights plan and IP rights relevant instructions

IP rights plan and IP rights relevant instructions

A toolkit (written material) to accompany the video material

Written training material to accompany the video material (D7.3)

Analysis report of the Community Reporter insight stories collated

Analysis report including written summative analysis, edited digital extracts and an edited video that summarizes the user voice

Dissemination and communication strategy

Dissemination and communication strategy including schedules, different audiences and dissemination levels (national, European)

Policy brief III

A policy brief to communicate results of the project.

Policy brief II

A policy brief to communicate the findings from the co-creation process.

Updated project plan

Specified project plan with risk analysis

Pilot plans

Completion of pilot specific action plans for all pilots with the beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Exploitation plan

The relevant national networks and associations of public sector professionals will be mapped in the stakeholder analysis (WP1/M2). Stakeholder analysis will form a basis for the exploitation plan. Once the results of the pilot process are identified, the exploitation plan will be updated to match with the needs and knowledge challenges in the interface of public and private sector.


Articles in scientific publications (11) and in applied or professional magazines for the public sector (30) including eg. contributions to the Commissions websites (Horizon magazine) and social media (EUScienceInnov).

Conference papers

Presentation of project results in international conferences (representatives of academic partners attend 12 conferences). Presentations will be aimed eg. for EMES, International Research Conference on Social Enterprise; ECIE, European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship; European Group for Public Administration, EGPA Annual Conference and ISPIM Innovation Conference

Progress report

This periodic report is delivered after the second year of implementation.

A policy roundtable

A roundtable discussion including event report

Seminars and roundtable discussions

Three international seminars and a final symposium are targeted to different interest groups and general public: 1. “New perspectives to co-creation” , Brussels, January 2018 2. “CoSIE pilots - from local learning to mutual development”, Bologna, 2019 3. “Big data and individual voices – learning the new sources of user voice”, Utrecht, 2020 4. Final symposium: “Roadmap to innovation in the public sector”, Helsinki, 2020 National seminar is organized in each partner country including a roundtable discussion with policy makers and interest groups.

Co-creation MOOC

An online course inspired by MOOC models (massive online open course) will be designed to increase the exploitation of co-creation insights, the employed methods, the results and recommendations from the evaluation reports and handbook materials of CoSIE. This implies preparing and adjusting project materials and data on co-creation methods and processes from project partners such as filmed and written data to be used in an online course module on co-creation in public services available for broad audience. MOOC is targeted to broad audiences and it endures the exploitation beyond the project lifetime.

Training of Community Reporters

Community reporter training programme for pilot beneficiaries.

Final Models and Architectural analysis

Final Models and summarizing architectural analysis based on the pilot process

Interim models

Interim models developed based on the pilots

Initial pilot models

Initial models developed

A roadmap for the co-creation of public services

A roadmap for the co-creation of public services

Videos from pilot topics and reports during project lifetime

Videomaterial from selected pilot topics and reports during project lifetime

Dissemination channels

Project dissemination channels are established (project website, project blog and project introduction (web) page in national languages)

Project identity and visual design

Project key message is defined and visual identity is designed (consisting visual design, project logo and project brochure).

Video-based training material

Video-based training material for the public sector on co-creation of services

Updated data management plan

Data management plan is updated on regular basis. Finalized data management plan will cover data re-use aspects beyond the project phase.

Data management plan

Developing data management plan for the open data pilot of Horizon.

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