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Optimal System-Mix Of flexibility Solutions for European electricity


Data management plan

This identifies the data that should be subject of dissemination and exploitation activities. It also analyses the main data uses and users and explore the possible restrictions related to IPR and privacy issues.

Multi-service control algorithm for converters

It addresses the design of cooperative control algorithms to provide multiple ancillary service to the grid. This algorithm will serve as the outer control loop for the synchronisation algorithms from the MIGRATE project, thus allowing to provide additional services on top of synchronisation.

Communication and dissemination master plan

This deliverable outlines the project’s communication and dissemination activities, detailing the composition of the target groups and defining the communication tools and distribution channels to reach them.

Candidate market mechanisms and regulatory frameworks fostering the development of flexibilities needed for 2050 RES penetration targets

“Critical review of current regulations concerning the market deployment and remuneration of storage in different countries of the EU”. The remuneration and economic viability of electricity storage as a key flexibility provider depends critically on the rules and regulations concerning short-term electricity markets such as balancing and Intraday markets, where even small differences concerning market organisation and bidding rules can make huge differences. An added issue is that there exists currently no European-wide harmonisation of regulations. The objective of the report is to develop first a unified conceptual framework through which the current rules and regulations governing storage can be analysed and then to present a critical reading of those regulations, country by country. The report will conclude with a number of recommendations concerning the provision of flexibility services through storage both at the country and the EU-level.

Methodology for error forecasts at an European scale

A generalized forecast error modelling method is proposed including error descriptions for wind, photovoltaic generation and load at a European scale. The method will account for space-time correlations. The deliverable documents the developed methodology, which will be released in the public domain. 

Comprehensive report on functionalities and services for the power system

All the functionalities regarding the frequency control, voltage control and synthetic inertia that the solution have to deliver in normal operation and in the event of contingencies, to reduce the impact of the variations of the production of RES, reduce the load shedding after contingency, congestion management and oscillation damping.

Mechanism design and specifications

Description of the target mechanism and concept of FlexEnergy dispatch market including control system architecture and specifications for the associated computer-based tools that will enable (i) close to real-time assessment of cross border exchange capability (ii) creation of bids for inter and intra-control area bidding platform and (iii) supply/demand matching of bids in such a way that maximisation of social welfare is achieved in a given time interval.

Overall specifications of the demonstrations

This deliverable will describe the specifications of the demonstrations that will be carried out on EPFL site and on RTE “RingoLab” site. It will include the objectives of each demonstration, the considered test cases, the performance metrics that will be used to assess the results and the test protocols. The metering and data logging infrastructure will also be described.

European Long-Term Scenarios Description, including Data

The scenarios will be based on well-established scenarios (e.g. e-Highway2050, ENTSO-E-SOAF , etc.) and will mainly cover generation, consumption and interconnection levels within/between countries for the years 2030 and 2050.

Project Management Plan

detailed Project Management Plan with a Gantt chart and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), to be completed at a very early stage of the project M2 and updated on M18 and M36

Flexibility cost and operational data outlook

For each technology, linked to families of flexibility options, technical and cost data will be provided: these estimates will be given with uncertainty ranges – most favourably offering a connection to installation levels (“learning rates”).

Techno-economic analysis of DSR and RES selected services

The deliverable will summarize the results of the analysis of DSR and RES flexibilities available in the WP5 demo site and include the specification of power electronic devices necessary to provide ancillary services  to the grid, also for the case of multiservice provision.

Project web site available for public access

The website is an information vector covering: broad information on the project activity; presentation of the results; useful documentation, etc.

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