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Reducing the cost and increasing the speed of preclinical research in the pharmaceutical industry


Genome Biologics’ novel drug discovery platform addresses the inefficiencies in pre-clinical studies with a unique combination of genomics, molecular science and big data analytics. Using patented single cell transgenic technology, the platform can express 50 different genes in a single animal in 6-8 weeks. This breakthrough approach reduces pre-clinical study time and costs by a factor of 10x, allowing pharmaceuticals companies to bring drug candidates to the stage of human trials in 3-6 months instead of 7-10 years. This drastic cost and time reduction will make it economically possible for pharmaceutical companies to bring affordable and effective treatments for rare diseases, as well as (non-orphan) non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes, which carry an increasing burden for healthcare systems treating an ageing population.
The novel platform also brings a step-change in transgenic animal models: 50-100x less animals are required to generate a reliable model, which reduces drastically the number of animals required in pre-clinical studies and the related ethical burden for pharmaceuticals companies.
The solution uses a patent protected DNA/RNA adeno-associated virus technology that enables testing of up to 50 disease-related genes in a target tissue of interest simultaneously, while at the same time ensuring that each of the cells expresses only a single gene. The technology is addressing a market where pharmaceutical companies currently spend €1Bn per year on animal models. We will interview 40 target customers in phase 1 in order to validate the market potential of the solution, and confirm our initial willingness to pay analysis. We will also identify technical improvement areas and define a go to market plan.

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