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Future tamper-proof Demand rEsponse framework through seLf-configured, self-opTimized and collAborative virtual distributed energy nodes


DELTA Information Model v1

This report will deal with the detailed initial specification of the DELTA information data model. Data exchange and databases required for robust communication will also be presented. First version of the report. Associated Task: T1.3.

Secure Information Exchange by Design in Energy Markets

Report describing security aspects for all stakeholders participating in Energy Markets. Associated Task: T5.1.

DELTA Business Models v1

First version of the DELTA business models available. It will contain only information that can be publicized. Associated Task: T2.3.

Report on dissemination & communication activities v1

First year reporting. Associated Task: T8.1.

DELTA Requirements, Business Scenarios and Use Cases v1

This report will define the initial user and business requirements, business scenarios and use cases that fully cover then needs and envisioned solutions of the DELTA project. First version of the report. Associated Task: T1.1.

Performance Measurement & Verification methodology report v1

This report will deliver the initial state of the art and definition of the DELTA Performance Measurement & Verification methodology. First version of the report. Associated Task: T1.4.

DELTA Overall Framework Architecture v1

This document will deliver initial technical system requirements (functional, non-functional, etc.) and extended description of high level architecture layers. Interconnection of all high level DELTA components and tools will also be defined. Associated Task: T1.2.

DELTA Requirements, Business Scenarios and Use Cases v2

Final version of the report. Contains revisions in Business scenarios, Requirements & Use Cases of the project. Associated Task: T1.1.

Pilot premises energy context analysis and end-users engagement/training v1

First version of the report detailing pilot infrastructure and end-users engagement methodology. Associated Tasks: T7.1 & T7.2.

Energy Market Analysis and Regulatory Guidelines specification v1

This report will present the analysis results of the current energy market as well as regulations and policies within. Associated Task: T2.1.

Current and Future DR strategies Available and Enhanced DELTA DR Mechanisms Specification

Report describing emerging DR programs and the way DELTA will tackle with them in its framework. Associated Task: T2.2.

DELTA Aggregator Infrastructure and Reference Implementation

Report on the reference implementation of the aggregator layer. Associated Task: T4.1.

DELTA Virtual Node Platform Architecture Design

Full description of the Virtual Node Architecture including interfaces with other key components of DELTA. Associated Task: T3.1.

DELTA Data Management Plan v1

Detailed report for the open research data of the project. Two revisions are anticipated by M18 and M36 of this report. Associated Task: T8.2.

DELTA Data Management Plan v2

Contains updates of the DMP since its first version

DELTA branding, website and social media channels

Website structure report and branding/dissemination material and channels. Associated Task: T8.1.

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Cyber Risk Propagation and Optimal Selection of Cybersecurity Controls for Complex Cyberphysical Systems

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Optimal, dynamic and reliable demand-response via OpenADR-compliant multi-agent virtual nodes: Design, implementation & evaluation

Author(s): Christos Patsonakis, Angelina D. Bintoudi, Konstantinos Kostopoulos, Ioannis Koskinas, Apostolos C. Tsolakis, Dimosthenis Ioannidis, Dimitious Tzovaras
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A Secured and Trusted Demand Response system based on Blockchain technologies

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Towards Blockchain and Semantic Web

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Permissioned Blockchains and Virtual Nodes for Reinforcing Trust Between Aggregators and Prosumers in Energy Demand Response Scenarios

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New business models enabling higher flexibility on energy markets

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Benchmarking the efficiency of RDF-based access for blockchain environments

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Astrea: automatic generation of SHACL shapes from ontologies

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Demand Flexibility Estimation Based on Habitual Behaviour and Motif Detection

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Energy Profile Clustering with Balancing Mechanism towards more Reliable Distributed Virtual Nodes for Demand Response

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