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MAximizing the UPscaling and replication potential of high level urban transformation strategies

Project description

Citizens at the centre of urban transformation

Providing the right services, tools and technologies that target citizens and their urban environment can enhance quality of life and boost local economies. An effective approach is creating and adopting solutions that turn urban problems into smart opportunities. To serve local communities, the EU-funded MAtchUP project aims to transform cities by deploying novel solutions and technologies, focusing on the energy, mobility and ICT sectors. The project will also develop very rigorous upscaling and replication plans. Ultimately, the outcomes should lead to greener, more liveable and more efficient cities that are more attractive for citizens as well as businesses.


MAtchUP project aims at strengthening the planning processes for urban transformation, consolidating the benefits of deploying large scale demonstration projects of innovative technologies in the energy, mobility and ICT sectors, by means of substantially improved models for replication and upscaling, based on impacts evaluation, and ensuring the bankability of the solutions by means of innovative business models, which lead to achieve real deployment further than the pilots carried out in the lighthouse cities. With this, it is sought a high penetration of the validated technologies in those cities less prepared to adopt very innovative solutions and formalize it in a standard commitment, accompanied by capacity building strategies, to guarantee at least medium term implementation.

The expected results will be achieved working in parallel in demonstration and upscaling/replication levels, so the lighthouse cities (Valencia-Spain, Dresden-Germany and Antalya-Turkey) and followers (Ostend-Belgium, Herzliya-Israel, Skopje-FYROM and Kerava-Finland) will assume a huge commitment in this project in order to:
- deploy innovative solutions in the energy, mobility and ICT sectors with a strong monitoring program to validate all of them,
- develop very rigorous upscaling and replication plans that will be the basis to update at least the SEAPs/SECAPs, that are the major standard commitment at European level that a city can assume in terms of city transformation, and other existing city plans as Sustainable Mobility Plans or Digital Agendas.

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