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A novel and easy to interpret patient safety monitor, for the diagnosis and management of cardiac function, fluid delivery and drug administration during surgery and intensive care.


Worldwide 234 million patients undergo major surgery annually. One million will die within 30 days. A further 42 million simply die up to 13 years sooner due to complications and 12 million will enter intensive care in the EU and US. This unacceptable situation has the potential to increase Deltex’s revenues 5 fold by 2020 through the development of TruVue. Of the adverse events 51% are directly due to inadequate haemodynamic management. Hemodynamic instability and low blood pressure are frequent, with consequences such as myocardial infarctions, stroke and kidney injury. Complications have serious clinical and financial consequences; unplanned intensive care admissions; longer stay; increased readmissions; increased 30 day mortality; and shorter patient lifespan after discharge. Healthcare faces increasingly complex cases as the population ages and uses ever more complex equipment. Protecting patients from haemodynamic errors through improved monitoring should save thousands of lives, improve outcomes and reduce costs. Diagnostic haemodynamic equipment needs to display the interaction of flow and pressure if it is to be truly effective. Current monitors are failing to meet this need. Deltex and Lariboisiere Hospital Paris have developed the novel TruVue Velocity Pressure Loops system. TruVue provides simultaneous visual display of the patient’s aortic blood flow velocity and aortic blood pressure; and will be a significant contribution to patient safety. TruVue has been CE-marked and is in use at Lariboisiere Hospital. This phase 1 project has two aims: to obtain user input to enhance the Graphical User Interface (GUI); and to cost a multinational multicentre clinical trial for phase 2 application. Deltex envisages that the clinical trial will generate publications, ‘seed’ leading centres and promote the TruVue within the EU and globally. A full assessment of the sales opportunity and return on investment will be presented as part of a fully-costed business plan.

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