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Hubble – smart workplace allocation platform

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Hubble (Hubble – smart workplace allocation platform)

Période du rapport: 2017-04-01 au 2017-09-30

The issue being addressed is the expansion and growth of Hubble with objectives including:

Scale: Geographic expansion in 1-2 cities in UK (Manchester/Birmingham). (Run tests in 6 potential expansion cities.)
The problem for these regions is that they do not have a transparent, way of accessing the growing flexible office space that exists in their regions. The Hubble platform technology can therefore be expanded to solve this problem for companies in these regions too.

Demand/Supply: Secure exclusive supply and partnerships with large landlords e.g. British Land or other office owners.

Product: Launch AI-Based system as a full working prototype and start testing on customers in beta. This solves the problem of relying on manual processes to help businesses find office space. Using artificial intelligence will speed up the process rapidly for businesses and helping the workforce, in society as a whole, become more mobile.
Work during the project included weighing up strategic investments needed to execute our objectives:

- Strategic Investments: Market Development / New Markets (Geographic expansion to 1 international city (Paris))

Project work included:
October 2017: Building the landing page and initial onboarding of spaces
November 2017: testing and initial marketing.

Main Results:
100 Initial signups from paid marketing. Successful completion of 1 transaction.

- Strategic Investment: Run a pilot with at least 1 large office landlord in London to convert lease space into flexible space.

Project work included:
August 2017: Hire new Landlord Partnership Lead.
September 2017: Start initial conversation with a large landlord.

Main Results:
We have made a hiring offer to 1 new Landlord Partnership Lead.

- Strategic Investments: Develop full working prototype of Artificial Intelligence (AI) office broker system

Project Work included:
Q1 2017: Building demo
Q3 2017: Building prototype ready for testing and beta running

Results so far:
Showcased demo to press. Ran tests on first 50 users
International expansion could have the socio-economical potential to make office space even more flexible in Paris, given that Hubble has driven the trend in London already. It could mean businesses in Paris are more mobile, flexible and socially engaged.

An artificially intelligent office broker has the potential to completely replace human office brokers. This has the wider implication meaning that the role of brokers, is not made redundant, but shifts to a more advisory and facilitatory role.