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Reusable Laundry Detergent

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ReLaDe (Reusable Laundry Detergent)

Période du rapport: 2017-05-01 au 2017-10-31

The overall objective of the innovation project is to commercialise a disruptive laundry washing system, based on novel combining of enzymes and nanotechnology. ReLaDe’s technology makes the laundry process highly effective and eco-friendly, without challenging the main mechanical design principles behind washing machines themselves. This is achieved by replacing toxic chemicals in laundry detergents with reusable and environmentally harmless enzymes.
At the heart of the innovation is the conjugation of enzymes with magnetic nanoparticles. The addition of magnetic properties to the enzymes opens up a ground-breaking way for their recollection and reuse. The method, so far primary used in scientific research and in the pharmaceutical industries, results in dual enzyme properties:

• biological activity
• magnetic functionality.
The general objective of the study was to analyse the feasibility of the business and further develop the business idea, prepare a detailed business plan to be implemented in accordance with the main innovation project; conduct freedom-to-operate analysis and form IP-strategy and find relevant partners for further product development and commercialisation. Also, a specific objective of the Phase-1 study was to assess the feasibility of different separation solutions for ReLaDe`s washing agent technology.
Based on the Phase-1 study results, ReLaDe has validated both the technical and economic feasibility of the proposed innovation project. All the planned tasks were performed in right time and gave expected results. The study has confirmed the enormous business opportunity for the ReLaDe’s technology.
In overall, there are no significant changes in project objectives as the feasibility study confirmed the potential of the initial product development and commercialisation plan. Based on new key findings, ReLaDe has updated the commercialisation strategy that is in accordance with industry needs, market trends and overall business environment opportunities.
The feasibility study also pointed out the main categories, where external support is needed for further developing the company’s operational capability and the technology. In the next project phase, ReLaDe plans to include several subcontractors for detergent and recollection device development and successful commercialisation.
The business plan and commercialisation strategy developed within the Phase-1 project help to engage relevant stakeholders, form a strong Phase-2 proposal, and ensure successful implementation of the innovation project.
Laundry technology has not witnessed rapid technological innovation for 50-60 years, after the emergence of automatic washing machines. By making the laundry detergent reusable ReLaDe is redefining the concept of the every-day laundry, without challenging the mature and familiar principles of washing machines themselves.
The elimination of conventional detergents creates an unprecedented eco-friendly way of doing laundry, which improves washing quality, furthers the use of low-temperature wash cycles and eliminates the use of pollutant and toxic chemicals laundry process. Moreover, the technology increase efficiency and comfort for the end-user, and innovation establishes new business opportunities for washing machine producers.