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QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medicine


QUIBIM Precision® is the first imaging biomarkers analysis platform in the cloud presenting innovative whilst extremely useful characteristics for the sector: 1) Automated analysis of imaging biomarkers (results are ready just within minutes) with the best accuracy and reproducibility; 2) Medically certified: QUIBIM are medically valid to scientifically support decision making; 3) Open to any physicians: Optimized User Interface (UI), user experience (UX) and imaging analysis functionalities 4) Cost-effective: QUIBIM helps reduce costs of medical testing and misdiagnosis, especially from specialists as each report costs 45€.

QUIBIM allows any physician to make more accurate diagnosis by providing additional information extracted from the same imaging sample (tomography, radiology…) already acquired. Our technology based on machine learning and image processing algorithms scout the image and compare it to similar images in our database with known ground-truth diagnosis, based on patterns not obvious to a human eye.

Regarding out target market: According to WHO , the total supply of physicians worldwide is estimated in 12,7 million. Our priority markets, America and Europe, accounts for 65% (8,26 million physicians) and present the highest level of health expenditure in the world. Within physicians, 43% are General Practitioners and 57% are specialists . Considering specialists, only, the resulting target market size is 4,70 million specialists.

We forecast to generate revenues above €36 million in the 5th year of sales. In terms of employment,we expect to generate more than 150 direct jobs (+180 indirect) by that same year.

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