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QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medicine

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - QUIBIM Precision (QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medicine)

Reporting period: 2018-08-01 to 2019-06-30

QUIBIM Precision is the first imaging biomarkers analysis platform in the cloud presenting innovative whilst extremely useful characteristics for the sector: 1)Automated analysis of imaging biomarkers (results are ready just within minutes) with the best accuracy and precision; 2)QUIBIM Precision is medically certified to scientifically support decision making; 3)Open to any physicians, providing a fully optimized User Interface (UI) and User experience (UX) made to and by physicians and including advanced image analysis tools for better qualitative and quantitative decision making and 4)Cost-effective: QUIBIM helps reduce costs of medical testing and misdiagnosis, especially from specialists.
QUIBIM allows physicians to make more accurate diagnosis by providing additional information extracted from the imaging sample (computed tomography, conventional radiology, magnetic resonance imaging…) already acquired. Our technology based on machine learning and image processing algorithms scout the image and compare it to similar images in our database with known ground-truth diagnosis, based on patterns not obvious to a human eye.
According to WHO, the total supply of physicians worldwide is estimated in 12,7 million. Our priority markets, America and Europe, accounts for 65% (8,26 million physicians) and present the highest level of health expenditure in the world. Within physicians, 43% are General Practitioners and 57% are specialists. Considering specialists, only, the resulting target market size is 4,70 million specialists.
Thanks to the H2020-SMEINST-2 project, QUIBIM has grown considerably in infrastructure and personnel resources (from 10 people at the beginning to 20, right now) and it is expecting to grow exponentially over the next 3 years. This growth has enabled to develop QUIBIM Precision as a robust and CE certified platform for medical imaging analysis, which allows commercialization throughout the European market. The translation into the languages of the European Union has eased the access of the product’s pilots to many potential end-users and industry which are becoming a great source of revenue for QUIBIM next year. Being in the final stages of obtaining FDA approval will allow us to commercialize QUIBIM Precision® in the US market in 2020. In conclusion, all the objectives established in the project have been achieved successfully.
The project has been divided into: PHASE 1 [months 1-12]: The final developments and innovation needed to make QUIBIM Precision a complete product; PHASE 2 [13-22] - Integrate, optimize and demonstrate QUIBIM Precision. The work has been structured in 7 Work Packages: WP1-IMAGING BIOMARKERS INNOVATION, WP2-COMPUTING PERFORMANCE AND DATA VISUALIZATION, WP3-PLATFORM INTEGRATION AND OPTIMIZATION, WP4-PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION, WP5-EXPLOTATION AND DISSEMINATION, WP6-COORDINATION AND MANAGEMENT and WP7-ETHICS REQUIREMENTS. All of these 7 WP have been completed successfully. During the first period of the project, WP1 and WP2 half of WP3 and half of the work of the transversal packages (WP5, WP6 and WP7), that extend throughout the whole project, have been carried out. During the second period of the project, WP4 and the second half of WP3 have been completed. The transversal packages (WP5, WP6 and WP7) have been extended throughout the project and closed at the end of this second phase.
The most important results achieved during SMEINST-2 regarding QUIBIM Precision product are the following: development and integration of new medical imaging analysis modules, new functionalities in the platform (i.e.: structured reporting), 3D-viewer and other visualization functionalities; optimization and High-Performance Computing; CE and ISO 13485 audits and certifications; successfully audited for GDPR compliance; FDA approval in final stage; translation of the platform, brochures, reports and website into the main languages of the EU; 2 new patents filed; marketing, communication and product dissemination in scientific and clinical environment; development of new business strategies (QUIBIM Care, QUIBIM Trials, QUIBIM Biobanks, QUIBIM Education) and reaching numerous end-users and industry thanks to pilots and customer installations, becoming a source of revenue in the coming months.
Progress beyond the state of the art: QUIBIM has been dedicated to provide value to the customers through precision in the measurement of imaging biomarkers from tissues and organs. For that, QUIBIM has emphasized on creating a new imaging biomarkers validation profile, being pioneer in communicating precision and accuracy of the measurements to their customers. From now on, users of QUIBIM technology have metrologic information about all the quantifications provided by the company, supposing a clear advantage over competing companies.
Regarding the algorithms, QUIBIM team has created innovative and efficient artificial intelligence methodologies thanks to the design of new convolutional neural network architectures that have been filed as patent.
Furthermore, QUIBIM is the first imaging biomarkers analysis platform available in the cloud, that receives the image from the customer, performs the image analysis and provides back an intuitive report with the relevant results for the diagnosis, prognosis, and staging of lesions. There is not any single competitor able to offer the accuracy and number of imaging biomarkers we do. QUIBIM offers a head to toe imaging biomarkers analysis solution with the widest application library of the market.
Potential impacts: QUIBIM Precision is able to cope with the expectations and requirements of radiologists, physicians, researchers and medical institutions from the European and international markets. In addition, our product has a clear impact on the achievement of International and European key strategic objectives: accelerating the European uptake of ICT and Cloud Computing technologies by industry and public sector (which includes private and public hospitals). QUIBIM is part of the actors carrying out the implementation and wider deployment of interoperable Electronic Health Records (EHR) in Europe, which has been identified as one of the highest priorities in the European eHealth action plan 2012-2020. To this end, one of the key priorities identified by relevant actors within the eHealth industry such as the European Society of Radiology is “detecting clinically meaningful biomarkers”. EHR are becoming an increasingly common data source for understanding serious diseases and clinical risks, and QUIBIM can play a crucial role in it providing the most advanced platform in quantitative imaging biomarkers. QUIBIM helps medical organizations make an efficient use of resources and achieve a better value for money, in line with the objectives stated in different EC Communications which encourage more cost-effective provision of health services by adopting technologies with the potential to improve efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, QUIBIM 1)Increases clinical availability and exploitation of biomarkers for the benefit of the patient; 2)facilitates the entry of improved diagnostics in the clinic and the market; 3)contributes to the sustainability of health care systems; 4)enhance the availability and value of medical data by combining and transferring new and existing knowledge; 5)leverages private investment in clinical validation and /or follow-up investments.
QUIBIM Precision Platform for centralized image management, storage and quantitative analysis.