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Improved Methods and Actionable Tools for Enhancing Health Technology Assessment

Project description

New methods to monitor the health of healthcare systems

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for healthcare systems that are efficient, durable, and capable of handling large numbers of patients while delivering effective care. The pandemic also underscored the deficiencies in current healthcare systems, particularly in certain countries where they are neglected and underfunded, receiving little attention from policymakers. In this context, the EU-funded IMPACT HTA project seeks to address these issues by developing a comprehensive toolset, methods and guidance for decision-makers in 10 research areas. These resources will enable better measurement and monitoring of healthcare systems and infrastructure, providing decision-makers with a clearer understanding of costs, needs and efficiency. This improved insight will assist them in allocating resources more effectively to revitalise the systems.


IMPACT HTA proposes new and improved methods, tools and guidance for decision-makers across ten research areas in the context of HTA and health system performance measurement, which, overall, contribute to the understanding of costs and health outcomes variations within and across countries and to costs and health outcomes data integration from different sources. IMPACT HTA researches factors on the supply and demand side of health systems that have major effects on the costs and outcomes of health-related interventions. It includes methods for more robust measures of quality of life, patient preferences, patient-reported outcomes, better incorporation of stakeholder views into value assessments, developing methods for cost comparability leading to better generalisability of economic evaluations as well as measuring broader economic and societal impacts and incorporating these in economic evaluations and improvements in performance at health system and provider level. The perspectives of different stakeholder groups in the health system and the broader economy are taken into account, including patients, HTA agencies, the macro-economy, hospitals and hospital networks. These perspectives are obtained through participation in research and preference elicitation (patients, hospitals, hospital networks), or derived explicitly through participation in this consortium (HTA agencies). With respect to data integration, IMPACT HTA develops new methods to integrate data on direct and indirect costs of illness and on health outcomes from various sources, such as randomised controlled trials, observational studies and registries. New methods proposed make use of the strengths of real-world data and address their limitations. The consortium calibre in terms of research and research planning track record, continuous interaction with decision-makers and the patient community will ensure project objectives are realistic and achievable within the project’s duration.

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