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Advanced ultra-wideband Radar for Integrated Applications


Cover Sistemi Srl has managed to provide innovative solutions for its commercial clients in perimeter intruder detection but never has there been a solution to give a detailed, zone specific, multiple object sensing and precise 3D radar mapping of objects. ARIA is our novel radar sensor with disruptive technology enabling 3D mapping of objects and resulting in people identification, multiple people tracking and selection of zone of surveillance. This technology has never been attempted in any commercial device, making this innovation unchallenged in the perimeter intruder alarms market today. This will result in more safe, reliable and difficult to circumvent home, industrial and commercial perimeter intruder alarms, keeping at bay criminals and terrorists.

ARIA will be able to perform this feat at micro-scale integration through strategic partnerships in Europe, making it the best sensor for use in perimeter intruder detection due to its capability of ease to hide in any casing. The small form factor to be packed with high-speed sensing and IoT capabilities gives it some buying drivers of low cost, remote sensing, precise and accurate small packaged sensor for use anywhere and low power consumption.

An exhaustive Feasibility Study will bring ARIA into commercialization investment (which will see a positive ROI within 3 years). In 5 years, it shall achieve significant market share in its category as perimeter security system with a conservative accumulated turnover of €14 million for the 2020-2024 period. Cover Sistemi will also bring to the industry 18-20 new jobs in 5 years after commercialisation of ARIA. Besides its breakthrough in expanding perimeter intruder alarm functions, other great potentials (spin-offs) are use of ARIA in healthcare, industrial machine safety, and utility conservation control in homes/buildings.

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