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The flight simulator for Medical and Health Professionals

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - abcdeSIM-VR (The flight simulator for Medical and Health Professionals)

Período documentado: 2017-08-01 hasta 2017-11-30

Patient safety has been raising global concern due to alarming numbers of medical errors. For patient safety, training of emergency care skills is essential in medical education. Also, the demand for healthcare and a broader health workforce will increase dramatically because of an aging population. Current simulation technologies can meet the challenges but present limited clinical scenarios and lack of medical validation. We have created AbcdeSIM-VR to prepare medical/ health professionals in emergency environments and to be used as a self-directed learning tool for complex skills for experienced clinicians. It allows trainees to gain practical experiences in an immersive virtual environment in their own time and the scenarios can be tailor-made to suit the changing needs of complex treatments. Our objective is to add a tool for custom scenario generation and adapt it to VR environtment, as weel as developing a commercial plan with stakeholders.
Our Feasibility Study has guaranteed the viability of the project: 1) In the technical plan, we defined the strategy to create new clinical scenarios and adapt to VR environment according to a detailed work plan for Phase 2 and a complete evaluation of technical risks. 2) Our commercial plan and a Freedom to Operate Analysis show that abcdeSIM-VR is freely exploitable. Our market analysis has demonstrated that this market will show constant growth driven by the need of improving patient safety, shortage of healthcare force and new complex clinical treatments due to the aging problem in EU and globally. We have prepared a detailed exploitation and dissemination plan to deploy abcdeSIM-VR in EU and USA. 3) We have prepared a financial plan, in which we conclude that abcdeSIM-VR will allow us to generate €25M with a ROI of 18.9% in 2024.
AbcdeSIM-VR will be the first solution including physiological models and therefore clinical relevance in their simulated patient. It is also the only one that produces a response in the patient rather than a correct incorrect answer. This way trainees are allow to experiment different therapies and see the inmediate response. Also the VR environment with clinically validated physiological models will be offered for the first time. This will generate an economic impact to the healthcare system by reducing their overall cost for training by 50% and an increase in patient safety due to highly skilled personnel.