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Soundproof window with ventilation function


Noise is a big challenge in today´s modern society. Physical diseases (cardiovascular-diseases, ischemia cardiovasculardiseases),
sleep disorders (lowered sleeping quality up to serious sleep disorders) and psychological disorders (depression,
irritation, frustration) are drastic consequences for humans that are constantly exposed to high noise levels. Also the
economic consequences of noise are huge. According to a EU position paper from 2011 the costs caused by noise
amounting to €84.5 million/decibel [dB(A)] only in the healthcare sector.
Within the SME II project, the Eilenburger Fenstertechnik GmbH & Co. KG (EFT) wants to introduce a inexpensive
soundproof window on the basis of a completely new construction principle (TRL 7) to the European market. A lower noise
level (not more than 30dB) and a high air flow (60-80m3/h) are achieved at the same time in interiors. During the project we
will deal with technological and commercial targets. Production costs need to be reduced (process innovation), quality to be
improved (product innovation) and the detected customer needs to be met in order to prepare the successful entry into the
market. The share of sound insulating windows on the EU window market, related to sales, amounts to ≈ 4 %, with a market
turnover of 4,0 billion €. Additional features of the windows are: excellent thermal insulation, easy handling, design element
in existing buildings.
The project soundproof4win is a major part of the company´s strategy of EFT and will lead to significant increase in turnover
and in the long-term to a healthier and efficient society in Europe and all over the world.

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