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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SustaiNAVility (NAVARRA, A REGION SUPPORTING THE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY)

Reporting period: 2018-02-01 to 2019-07-31

"Navarra is a region with more than 272 municipalities, 640,000 inhabitants and it is member of the Euroregion Aquitaine- Basque Country - Navarra. Navarra has made a great effort to advance in the development of renewable energy in recent years: 20 percent of the energy currently consumed in Navarra comes from renewables. And now Navarra has developed a very ambitious energy plan for the region ""Navarra for 2030"" which integrates 4 objectives linked with the reduction of CO2 emissions, the increase in percentage of renewables, maintaining security in energy supply and reducing energy poverty. Such objectives are to be achieved through technological innovation, management innovation and innovation in financial models.

Our project SustaiNAVility intends to work as a promoter of this plan in the area of energy efficiency, in particular supporting the goal of the plan of ""Reducing 30% consumption of primary energy with respect to the figures projected by the EU for 2020 in energy efficiency"".

This 3-year project has the general objective to promote under the umbrella of the energy plan of Navarra, energy efficiency in the region of Navarra in 3 target groups: public entities (municipalities and public buildings), private buildings (citizens) and enterprises, promoting an investment of 16.3 million euros in renewable and energy efficiency.

The concept of SustaiNAVility is the utilisation of the regional grants as boosters or drivers of the energy efficiency related investments, in projects incorporating the state of the art in technology and new funding schemes. The current project will have to face the following four challenges:
- Technological innovation.
- New services and funding schemes.
- Business opportunities.
- Citizenship involvement."
In the first period of the project, the project has been launch. The main results already achieved are:
- As a dynamic element of sustaiNAVility, the Navarra Horizon 2030 Energy Plan and the Climate Change Roadmap have been approved on January 24, 2018.
- Individual Energy Improvement Plan for each building has been written and sent.
- Currently 12 local entities are been interviewed, and 10 local entities have shown interest in participating in SustaiNAVility project. 5 of them have been selected (Villava, Noain, Barañain, Ansoain and Zizur Mayor).
- The Management Group in collaboration with all the selected municipalities have drafted a Participation and Stimulation Plan adapted to their districts.
- The project has made a Database with more than three hundred industrial companies, including those to which the energy audit was done according to R. D. 56/2016, to study measures of energy efficiency and implementation of renewable energies with a significant impact of energy saving and environmental improvement in industrial processes.
- The project has designed the training programs in energie afficiency and in renewable sources oriented to different targets groups.
- The project also started to monitor apartments in the public buildings of WP3. Data collection started on November 2017. In these sense, it will be collected an entire winter campaign, before the building renovation starts. The sensors have not been removed from the dwellings where they were installed, and the batteries were changed in order to measure indoor conditions during the project lasts.

Several dissemination activities has been launch during the first period to create awareness of the project and try to involve as many stakeholders as possible:
- Project website
- A press conference was held to launch sustaiNAVility project
- Presentation of sustaiNAVility to industrial sector (June 12, 2018)
- Main event with the 5 municipalities
- Workshops with municipalities, tecnicians and neigbours
- 25 news in media
- Diffusion to local entities and non-profit institutions have been arranged regarding the calls 2018 and 2019
- Participation in EASME H2020-Contractors’ Meeting
- Participation in 3 conferences: 1 - Regulation, control and efficiency in thermal installations (March 8, 2018); 2 - Biomass: an alternative to consider (March 20, 2018); and 3 - How do we organize to recharge electric cars in the garage? (September 27, 2018).
The SustaiNAVility Project aims to boost the investments in energy efficiency in Navarra by launching Energy Efficiency investments projects for 16.3 million euro in a wide range of different sectors (Public and private buildings, street lighting, energy efficiency in industry and services and renewable energy).
SustaiNAVility will achieve a total primary energy savings of 79.46 GWh/year, and a renewable production of 8,542 MWh/year. Additionally, it will create new financing methods that will help to overcome the main barriers of the energy efficiency investments, and boost its implementation.
In this regard, the project plan to launch at least 141 different projects covering the whole range of sectors focused by the topic:
- Public and private buildings: A total of 4 public buildings will be rehabilitated within the SustaiNAVility project, accounting for an investment of 1,503,554 €. On the private sector, 5 different municipalities (Sangüesa, Aoiz, Bera, Villava and Barañain) have been chosen along the geography of the region, to cover all the different climate zones and maximise the future replication of SustaiNAVility. In these locations NASUVINSA a set of 25 inefficient buildings with energy efficiency needs has been already identified. These buildings will be rehabilitated accounting for an investment of 7,000,000 €
- Street lighting: The Government of Navarra will publish an innovative energy efficiency call for municipalities, based on the experience of the previous one and taking into account successful examples of other European countries such as Germany or Denmark. A total of 100 Street lighting investment projects will be signed under project SustaiNAVility thanks to this call, accounting for an investment of 4,000,000 €.
- Small-medium size renewable energy production in municipalities: The Government of Navarra will publish an innovative energy efficiency call for municipalities, based on the experience of the previous one and taking into account successful examples of other European countries such as Germany or Denmark. A total of 300 kW of renewable energy will be installed within the SustaiNAVility project thanks to this call, accounting for an investment of 300,000 €.
- Energy efficiency in industry and services: AIN will mobilise investments to improve the energy efficiency among its customers, providing them technical assessment during the project. A total of 25 energy efficiency projects with 12 types of measures turning into a total 3,500,000 € will be launched by AIN within the project.