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Screening and development of optimized materials for high temperature coils

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - HTcoils (Screening and development of optimized materials for high temperature coils)

Período documentado: 2019-09-01 hasta 2021-05-31

Electrical Environmental Control Systems (E-ECS) feature many low power electromechanical actuators to ensure control and tuning of items such as high temperature valves of electrical systems in future airplanes. They also include motorized turbomachines with power electrical motors.
The aim of the Clean Sky 2 project HTcoils and its partners (HPW High Performance Wires, PEAK Technology and Coordinator LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen) was the development of a high-temperature resistant material combination (high performance wires, impregnating varnishes and potting resins) for coils being used in high temperature loaded environments. Besides required materials development it was further goal to manufacture sufficient wire materials for sub-assembly coils tests, final demonstration and qualification of high temperature coil systems and to test their functionality in electromagnet actuators for different applications in an aeronautic E-ECS.
The developed solutions in HTcoils contribute to the overall Sustainability Goals of the Green Deal as higher temperature coils allow its application in higher temperature working environments. As such, these can use waste heat streams of i.e. aeronautic gas turbines in a far better way which in turn leads to the efficiency increase of heat/energy management systems of airplanes. This can be used two-fold: A) Less energy is mandatory to achieve equal performance, B) actuators (multiple are in one airplane) can be designed and produced lighter which reduces the overall mass of airplanes and hence reduces fuel burn and CO2-Emissions. HTcoils results will be one of many mosaic pieces contributing to clean aviation in the future.
The main objectives of the research project were:
• to develop specific wires, impregnating varnishes and potting ingredients (resins) to have complete solutions for high temperature coil and qualify these ingredients
• to manufacture high temperature coils with these ingredients, integrate them in the Topic Manager’s defined application and demonstrate that the solutions proposed can be industrialized
• All solutions must comply with aeronautical constraints (electrical, vibration, lifetime, manufacturing process, etc.) according to RTCA/DO-160
Research results of HTcoils underline and demonstrate that the proposed materials systems and processing routes do lead to a significantly raised performance of actuator coils. The consortium was able to demonstrate this at laboratory environment. Topic Manager Liebherr will demonstrate functionalities in tests using appropriate loading scenarios at relevant working environment.
Conclusions: The developments of HTcoils have led to an increased thermal like index (TRI) of 274°C (+14% compared to threshold). If 300°C can be achieved will be tested by the topic manager using environmental relevant test scenarios. A set of 5 function demonstrator coils were manufactured for tests at Liebherr´s test facilities. The raised TRI will allow for a significant improvement of actuator performance, use them at hotter locations in waste heat streams in order to use waste heat in a more efficient manner. In turn, actuators can be designed smaller hence lighter. As a consequence, CO2-emissions can be saved to a significant extent over the 30-year lifetime of an aircraft.
HPW High Performance Wires (formerly Gebauer & Griller) performed wire materials development in combination with wire drawing process development. A combined development was mandatory as specific mechanical and electric wire properties were requested together with processability in terms of wire coating and wire drawing. Both wire and coating have a special material constitution which sets the basis for later high temperature applications. HPW was able to develop this novel wire material with a final diameter of 0.70mm.
PEAK Technology developed a continuous coil winding route for processing HPW wires to higher temperature coils for higher performance actuators for future E-ECS. The novel processing route mastered the challenges of winding novel, small diameter, high strength, low ductile wire materials as well as infiltration of final winded coils in housings with potting resin. This route has been demonstrated on sub-assembly systems and final demonstrators manufactured. The demonstrators will be function tests by topic manager Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse SAS in relevant working environment to achieve TRL5.
The results of project HTcoils will be possible to be exploited both in E-ECS applications of presently flying airplanes and in future airplane concepts. Wire technologies will be exploited towards on-earth e-mobility systems which have the need for highly efficient, lightweight actuators or lightweight e-engine coils working at elevated temperatures. The field for the both the actuators themselves as well as the novel high-temperature, small-diameter copper wires is big. This gives a good view on new business cases and on future commercialization of the technologies developed in HTcoils.
Results of HTcoils have been communicated to relevant industry and network partners by direct presentation as well as by means of webpage and social activity networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, AIT-web-page, …). Dissemination, exploitation and communication of results will follow at the following conferences and fares: CWIEME conference, Berlin (D) 2022; Wire and Tube trade fare Düsseldorf (D) 2022 / India (IN) 2022 / Russia (RU) 2022. Sales departments of HPW and PEAK have implemented HTcoils results into company presentations. As such results will be offered to their customer networks for commercial exploitation.
The main results and progress beyond state of the art of HTcoils can be summarized as follows:
• 0.70mm diameter, high temperature copper wire (incl. varnish)
• Prove of durability in thermal tests leading to a thermal-like index (TLI) of 274°C
• Increase of TLI by +14.6% compared to baseline TLI 240°C
• Manufacturing route (coil winding + potting) for processing and infiltration of high temperature conductor wires to final coils
• Demonstration of functionality on final actuator demonstrators
Future Benefits of the novel high temperature wires (TLI 274°C):
• Use of actuators at higher environment temperatures
• Design of smaller, lighter, more efficient actuators leading to the saving of structural mass
• Realization of better trade-off for aircraft heating management hence contributing to CO2 emission reduction
• Exploitation of actuators from aeronautics to all e-fuelled mobility systems
• Extension of frontrunner position of HPW (wire materials), PEAK (coil processing) and LTS (electric actuator technologies for aeronautics)
Novel material systems and process technologies are not easy to be handled. It needs highly qualified and skilled personal for operating the high-technology machines and for processing the materials with the necessary diligence and accuracy. HTcoils is one contributing element for the European society and economy to maintain its frontrunner-position in high-technology materials processing, sustainable technologies development and high-quality parts production. Being made in Europe this will further contribute to maintaining Europe´s wealth and growth in the future.
Project HTcoils has received funding from the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 785582.
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