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Storage energy UNit for Smart and Efficient operation on Tarmac


Data management Plan

To ensure both privacy and dissemination efficiency, the Data Management Plan will evolve in order to classify each set of data as a knowledge that can be disseminated or protected. If the Data must be protected a pattern procedure shall be engaged. On the contrary if the result must be disseminated, the dissemination partners will make evolve the DMP in order to specify if the publication must be a Gold Open Access Type or a Green Open Access and if the depositing research data linked to the publication will be published or not. In all cases, each partner will ensure that its publications and research data disseminated are deposited in an online repository. Likewise, the DMP shall define the lifespan of every set of data.

Plan for Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation of project results

This document contains : - Plan of communication activities. - Plan for dissemination of project results. - Plan for exploitation of project results and handling of IP rights linked to project outputs.

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