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Open EURAXESS – To strengthen the effectiveness and optimize the services of all partners in an innovative and open EURAXESS network


The EURAXESS TOP IV consortium includes partners from 40 countries (34 beneficiaries and 7 Linked Third Parties), covering the whole EURAXESS network and maximizing the impact for the long-lasting benefit of the research community.
The project has been divided into 8 work packages, apart from the WP devoted to Project management. WP2 (EURAXESS Career Development), WP3 (Social Integration Initiatives) and WP4 (Engagement with industry) aim to address strategic issues related to the widening of the services from mainly mobility-related to services also for non-mobile researchers. In particular, WP2 and WP3 aim to expand the set-up and operation of Career Development and Dual Career services within the network; on the other side, WP4 promotes intersectoral mobility of researchers by promoting entrepreneur careers through collaboration with innovation facilitators and launching industry-academia mentoring programmes for researchers.
WP7 (EURAXESS Open to the World) aims to attract third country researchers to Europe as well as European scientific Diasporas contributing thus, to brain circulation while WP5 (Capacity Building of the EURAXESS Network), WP6 (Network support and a comprehensive communication and cooperation strategy for EURAXESS) and WP8 (Open EURAXESS portals) aim at the deepening of existing services through trainings, networking and updating of national EURAXESS portals. Based on the results of the project and the future trends in the ERA, a strategy and a vision for EURAXESS towards 2030 will be delivered within WP9 (Future of the EURAXESS Network–New services).
Finally, the impacts of the project are linked to increasing the visibility of EURAXESS Network and diversifying the services provided by the EURAXESS Service Centers at an increased quality to enhance the career development of researchers addressing the cross-national and international circulation of researchers in Europe for the benefit of Responsible Research and Innovation under HORIZON 2020.

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