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Multimedia Analysis and Correlation Engine for Organised Crime Prevention and Investigation

Project description

Innovative analysis platform for organised crime prevention

The massive volumes, heterogeneity and fragmentation of data pose significant challenges for law enforcement agencies (LEAs) when it comes to analysing information for the prevention, investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses. These challenges hinder the effectiveness of LEAs. The EU-funded MAGNETO project aims to develop solutions and tools that leverage sophisticated knowledge representation, advanced semantic reasoning and augmented intelligence. These advancements will provide LEAs with enhanced capabilities for crime analysis, prevention and investigation. The project’s ultimate goal is to deliver the MAGNETO platform, which will empower LEAs to seamlessly integrate diverse and extensive data sources. By doing so, they can uncover hidden relationships among data items and identify trends related to the evolution of security incidents.


MAGNETO addresses significant needs of law enforcement agencies (LEAs) in their fight against terrorism and organised crime, related to the massive volumes, heterogeneity and fragmentation of the data that officers have to analyse for the prevention, investigation and prosecution of criminal offences. These needs have been identified after consulting with eleven different European LEAs –members of the MAGNETO consortium. In response, MAGNETO empowers LEAs with superior crime analysis, prevention and investigation capabilities, by researching and providing tailored solutions and tools based on sophisticated knowledge representation, advanced semantic reasoning and augmented intelligence, well integrated in a common, modular platform with open interfaces. By using the MAGNETO platform, LEAs will have unparalleled abilities to fuse and analyse multiple massive heterogeneous data sources, uncover hidden relationships among data items, compute trends for the evolution of security incidents, ultimately (and at a faster pace) reaching solid evidence that can be used in Court, gaining also better awareness and understanding of current or past security-related situations. In parallel, MAGNETO will spark an ecosystem of third-party solution providers benefiting from its open, modular and reusable architectural framework and standard interfaces.
To achieve these objectives, MAGNETO will test and demonstrate its developments on five representative and complementary use cases (types of crime), under real-life operational conditions in the facilities of eleven different LEAs, keeping them continuously in the production loop, adopting an agile implementation methodology and a multi-disciplinary scientific approach, combining researchers with exceptional track records, officers with top-level operational know-how in law enforcement, recognised experts for legal and ethical compliance to EU and national standards, and qualified training experts for innovative curricula development.

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