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Validation of an industrial process to manufacture isosorbide bis(methyl carbonate) at pilot level


The use of isosorbide (IS), a still a low market volume bio-based chemical but with a high Cumulative Annual Growing Rate of 10.9%, in the manufacturing of intermediate building blocks and high volume polymers, such as polycarbonates, has some drawbacks that could be overcome by using isosorbide bis(methyl carbonate) (IBMC), a barely explored IS secondary building block which is proposed to enhance IS value chain. VIPRISCAR main objectives are: 1) To validate at pilot scale in an industrially relevant environment (TRL 5) a sustainable IBMC production process from IS; 2) To show a proof of principle for the added value IBMC brings to the market by demonstrating the usefulness of polymers derived thereof in three high-volume market sectors: industrial coatings, hot-melt adhesives, and biomedicine (antithrombotic-antimicrobial catheters).
Results expected are: 1) A validated highly-efficient IBMC production process (TRL 5) able to be up-scaled and produce, under suitable market conditions, IBMC at a similar price to that of current oil-based monomers used in polycarbonates and polyurethanes; 2) at least 1 IBMC-derived coating for automotive and furniture; 3) at least 1 IBMC-derived hot-melt adhesive; 4) 1 antithrombotic-antimicrobial IBMC-derived catheter. Exploitation encompasses patent licensing, collaborative research for further development to high TRLs and direct production-commercialization (industrial partners).
The 3-years project is divided in 4 phases consisting of 8 WPs: 1) IBMC manufacturing process improvement to move from the current TRL of 3 (TEC granted patent) to 4 (WP2); 2) IBMC up-scaling to TRL 5 (WP3); 3) Proof of principle of IBMC applications (WP4-Coatings, WP5-Adhesives, WP6-Catheters); 4) Horizontal issues: Management (WP1); techno-economic analysis, LCA, REACH, health-safety, barriers and standards (WP7); market analysis, business models-financial impacts, IPR and exploitation, risk management, communication and dissemination strategy (WP8).


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€ 1 068 699,78
Parque cientifico y tecnologico de gipuzkoa, paseo mikeletegi 2
20009 Donostia-san sebastian (gipuzkoa)

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