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Small scale farmers’ sustainable adaptation strategies to climate change based on ecosystem services


ADAFARM aims to analyze ecosystem-based climate adaptation options and nature based solutions for small farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. In line with the SDGS these strategies would be economically efficient, environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. I will use a social-ecological frame to focus on the role played by formal and informal institutions and key factors like poverty and gender for ecosystem based adaptation strategies to climate change.
I will build on data, results and stakeholder networks from the ACES project. ACES was a 3 year research project, funded by the UK government (2 M. €) with the aim of analyzing the consequences from the loss of ecosystem services from deforestation to the livelihoods of poor rural communities. I will further analyze data from a survey done to more than 1600 households, with new lenses: the adaptation of small scale farmers (especially women headed households) to climate change and in particular the role of institutions. To complete the research, I will perform new qualitative data collection, through interviews and focus groups, to complete our understanding of the climate change adaptation options for small scale farmers.
I am currently working at ICATALIST, an innovative SME specialized in knowledge brokerage, applied research and capacity building related to socio-ecological systems and adaptation to climate change. Working at ICATALIST will allow me to eventually transfer and scale the project to other areas with real and plausible interventions to design and help implement adaptation strategies to improve the resilience of small scale farmers. ICATALIST aims to play a leading role in the climate change adaptation policy space, with viable financing solutions for development (and thus the SDGs). This project will provide in-depth knowledge and approaches to help develop climate adaptation strategies by governments and interested organizations that ultimately benefit small scale farmers livelihoods.


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