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Second Order nano-Oxide Nonlinear Disordered phOtonics


Despite the growing demand of simple and robust nonlinear optical devices, efficient optical conversion is still obtained by imposing stringent phase matching conditions on the nonlinear optical material (NLOM), critically increasing the fragility and the cost of nonlinear optics applications . The search for alternatives NLOMs with relaxed phase-matching conditions have attracted a large interest, but none of the mature alternatives is expected to satisfy market’s requirements of easy-fabrication, scalability and low-cost.
Disordered NLOMs have shown the biggest potential in this direction, giving evidence of efficient and large-angle conversion without the need of phase-matching tuning. However, only few of the several opportunities provided by optical disorder has been exploited for nonlinear conversion due to materials and fabrication limitations. Therefore, the combination of multiple conversion mechanisms could generate unconventional and powerful phase matching mechanisms.
SECOONDO aims at the realization of a new class of disordered NLOMs based on perovskite nanoparticles (nano-oxides) in which random phase-matching, light scattering and Mie resonances coexist, but are also independently controllable. We will explore a new physics in optical nonlinear conversion, which could open avenues to the realization of easy and efficient nonlinear optical device.
The project takes inspiration from the complementary competences of the candidate in disordered photonics and of the supervisor in nonlinear nano-oxides generating new knowledge on both sides. The candidate will acquire new competences in nonlinear nano-optics and in material sciences, which combined to his past knowledge, will make his profile unique, ensuring independence and a strong future career.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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