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Quantum Coordination and Support Action


Quantum Technologies (QT) represent a disruptive technological shift with far-reaching applications, including secure communication networks, ultra-sensitive sensors and fundamentally new paradigms of simulation and computation. In each of these applications, quantum technologies could result in revolutionary improvements in terms of capacity, sensitivity and speed, and be the decisive factor for success in many industries and markets.
The immense potential of this interdisciplinary field has led the European Commission to announce the launch of a FET Flagship on Quantum Technologies (“Quantum Flagship”) in 2018 and to appoint an independent High-Level Steering Committee to give recommendations on its setup. Based on these recommendations and building on previous coordination efforts, we propose the Quantum Coordination and Support Action (QSA) whose primary goal is to prepare the ground for a successful launch of the Quantum Flagship.
The QSA initiative is a timely, important and necessary planning step to make sure the full potential of the Quantum Flagship can be attained right from its start. For this to happen, we set out to achieve the following objectives: 1. Facilitate a goal-driven, federated effort to set up the Quantum Flagship, 2. Increase awareness of QT in Europe, and 3. Support detailing and implementing the Flagship’s organisational structure.
We believe that these objectives are best achieved by acting in a transparent and inclusive way, ensuring commitment from all key stakeholders (academia, industry and EU and national policy makers) to the Quantum Flagship, and we have structured our work plan accordingly to succeed within the scope and duration of the Coordination and Support Action.

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