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Revolutionizing Industrial Materials Processing with Optical Phased Array Coherent Beam Combined High Power, Digitally controlled Lasers.

Project description

New possibilities in industrial materials processing

The limitations of traditional industrial materials processing, including issues with efficiency, precision and innovation, have stifled progress and held back manufacturers from achieving their full potential. These longstanding challenges have created a pressing need for a solution that can drive the industry towards a new era of productivity and advancement. In this context, the EU-funded CBCLASER project aims to disrupt the industry, promising to redefine industrial processes and open new avenues of application. Specifically, the project aims to scale up its developed, lower power optical phased array (OPA) coherent beam combined (CBC) laser that has already been successfully demonstrated. CBCLASER will conduct rigorous pilot programmes in collaboration with three leading EU-based industry giants from the automotive, electronics, and aerospace sectors.


CIVAN Advanced Technologies is developing a High Power, Coherent Beam Combined (CBC) laser product to disrupt the
Industrial Materials Processing market. The CBCLASER is based on proprietary Optical Phased Array (OPA) CBC
technology that is proven to support quality and robustness required by industry. Civan’s CBCLASER product represents the
first time that this technology is deployed in an industrial laser product.

The product will have extremely unique inherent capabilities such as digital, dynamic controls including: varying beam spot
size, shape and beam parameter product, at MHz speeds; modulating laser power at MHz speeds, and fast beam steering at
MHz speeds. These features are not available in any state of the art laser and will enable major breakthroughs in both the
competitiveness of existing industrial processes (metal cutting, welding, 3D printing), as well as in new applications (eg high
speed surface functionalization).

The objective of the CBCLASER program is to scale-up the existing, lower Power OPA CBC that was already successfully
demonstrated with potential end users into an OEM ready 5kW OPA CBC Laser for High Speed Materials Processing. In the
last months Civan had received inputs that a 5kW output with all the mentioned features will be more than enough to achieve
disruptive performance for many industrial applications. At that power level Civan shall be able to offer a very attractive price,
to achieve wide market entry. The laser’s advantages are to be tested and optimized in pilot programs with three large EU
based leaders from the OEM automotive, electronics automotive and aerospace industries.

Within the CBCLASER program, CIVAN is to scale-up its manufacturing ability to meet industrial production standards, and
drive forward its marketing efforts. CBCLASER will significantly impact Industrial Materials processing through laser beam
digitization and other disruptive features that are key to realizing industry 4.0.

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