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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Neural Adaptive Control Technology

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An integrated software environment for gain-scheduled local controller network (LCN) design and analysis has been developed. The software tool called ORBITCD allows the engineering-friendly and systematic design and analysis of nonlinear control systems based on a local model network (LMN) representation of the nonlinear plant dynamics. The LMN plant representation necessary for the controller design can be obtained using the software tool ORBIT (Operating Regime Based Modeling and Identification Toolkit) which has been developed by Sintef (Norway) prior to ORBITCD. Both, ORBIT and ORBITCD are written in MATLAB. The ORBITCD controller design tool is the result of a collaborative research of Daimler-Benz and Sintef during the ESPRIT project NACT (Neural Adaptive Control Technology). ORBITCD can be used for the application oriented design of parameter scheduled controllers. It incorporated a graphical user interface and combines well established linear control design techniques for the local controller with an overall global nonlinear design. Within the NACT project ORBITCD was used in a variety of applications including nonlinear control design for an experimental vehicle. This problem concerns the longitudinal vehicle dynamics and the goal was to design a high-performance speed controller. Currently the toolkit is prepared to be used in other automotive applications within Daimler-Benz. There is an increasing demand for high precision control systems, e.g. in chemical industry, aerospace, car manufacturing with the main focus on : - making control systems more robust and reliable, - replacing expensive hardware by software solutions. Another issue is to speed up the design process for control systems via rapid prototyping. The tool ORBITCD is an environment for designing nonlinear control systems as they frequently occur in practice. It has a graphical user interface to support interactive, engineering-friendly design. Project URL :

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