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A breakthrough high resolution, real-time, industrial molecular analyser for advanced process control in the biogas production industry

Project description

Breakthrough technology allows low-cost, real-time natural gas and biogas analysis

Spectroscopy is widely used to gain insight into the chemical composition of matter. Molecular-level information is critical for process optimisation, energy efficiency and environmental protection. However, existing analysers are not well-suited for gas analysis. They might be accurate and affordable, but they are very slow. The EU-funded SRSensor project is developing a cost-effective, real-time analyser for a wide range of gases. Its breakthrough technology utilises stimulated Raman scattering, hi-spec lasers and optics to create a new sensor for faster and more precise gas analysis. Currently, the target markets for SRSensor include real-time monitoring of natural gas and biogas, but others are envisaged.


Industrial processes demand large quantities of energy and other expensive resources. optiQgain introduces a breakthrough, real-time, lightweight, cost effective, IoT based, on-site system for high resolution molecular level analysis. This revolutionary analyser utilises a Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) spectrophotometer system which produces a high resolution Raman spectrum in 0.1 second. The innovative molecular analysis delivered can be adopted in multiple fields to optimise industrial processes and offer high resource efficiency and huge cost savings. optiQgain will initially target biogas production and electricity generation, where pain and potential savings are substantial, and since many players in this industry are actively seeking new innovative technologies for sustainable success, as part of the intensively evolving Industrial I.o.T revolution. Within the overall innovation project, optiQgain aims to finalise the industrial design of the SRSensor system for improved accuracy; optimise the process for adoption in biogas production; perform a quality demonstration and validation of the SRS technology and develop a sound commercialisation and market strategy.

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