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PiedPiper®: smart pest control

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - PiedPiper (PiedPiper®: smart pest control)

Período documentado: 2018-03-01 hasta 2018-08-31

• What is the problem/issue being addressed?
Rats are a major global problem. The global rat population is estimated to be at 60 Billion (i.e. 8 rats/human), causing growing socioeconomic, health and environmental problems.
Rat poisons (Warfarin and second-generation Anticoagulant toxins) instead of solving the problem are aggravating it. As oral multi-feed systems, they have led to the emergence of ‘Super Rats’ that have built up a resistant to these dangerous and environmentally hazardous poisons.

• Why is it important for society?
The cost of infrastructure damage and food contamination caused by rats is estimated at £2 Billion in UK & Ireland, $27 Billion in US, and €20+ Billion in EU. One-third of all the rice crop in Southeast Asia is lost to Rat damage.

• What are the overall objectives?
We saw the opportunity to develop a new, humane, environmentally friendly, safe product that removed oral feeding from the equation.
PiedPiper is a Unique, quick, safe, reliable Rodent pest control technology: One shot. One Kill. Every time.
Our patented PiedPiper Technology is a revolutionary single spray of safe Vitamin D3 delivered from an aerosol to the back of the rodent’s neck that within 10-15 minutes penetrates the skin and passes into the bloodstream. It is humane, in that there is no suffering-the animals fall into a coma and die of a heart attack. The products are multi-shot (100-350 doses), do not cause secondary kills or environmental damage. The Pest Control Units can be left singly or networked in the field for a year without technician service yielding a major cost saving over both bait and trap systems in labour and travel costs.
We offer the Pest Control Industry the 1st viable alternative to anticoagulants at a time of increasing regulatory concern to see these products reduced or removed from market.
During the SMEI Phase 1 project we, performed a market study to quantify the size of the global market and the segments we can target, expected market share, go-to-market strategy, revenue models and 5-year sales projections and KPIs. We defined the most appropriate strategy for adding cognitive capability to an IoT platform of cloud connected PCDs for predictive pest control management to gain additional advantage in the market. We performed an IP audit and a study of the regulatory landscape and requirements for key markets.
The global growing rodenticides market was valued at $748.1 million in 2016, and will reach USD 993.4 million by 2025. Analysts acknowledge that the introduction of natural rodenticides will open new avenues for the growth of the rodenticides market. Our target is to build up and grow the business to a 35% market share by 2025 (i.e. $430 M annual opportunity). The market is dominated by 8 anticoagulant toxins. There is no other Pest Control System available that can compete with the PiedPiper system in terms of efficacy, safety, cost and environmental impact. We are unique, the technology has IP protection and is trademarked in the EU.