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PROBE.LY - Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Suite for Agile Teams


The number of publicly reported breaches with sensitive and business data exposed, has been increasing significantly year after year. Web application attacks are the most common attack pattern, with 40% of all breaches. These attacks exploit vulnerabilities that were introduced in the applications inadvertently by their developers.
The most popular solution companies use to find vulnerabilities is to hire penetration testing services. However, these services are a) costly because they are performed manually and b) to manage all of the findings is very time consuming.

Due to these two reasons, companies don’t test the security of their applications as frequently as they should. automates web vulnerability scanning. Our customers can cost effectively scan web applications and efficiently manage the lifecycle of the vulnerabilities found in an intuitive web interface. As opposed to Web Application Penetration testing, since it is automated, can offer a very competitive price and address a new market of small companies that do not have the budget for penetration testing services. The objective of our proposal is to enhance R&D to create a viable solution that helps companies to identify vulnerabilities in their web applications, contributing to safer applications and a safer Internet. We believe that, as opposed to the majority of our competitors, targeting

Developers is the right way, since they are the ones that introduced the vulnerabilities, but also because we can take a more educational role by explaining to them why the vulnerability exists, its impact and how to avoid future problems.
Our market is worldwide and is targeted at companies that have a development team and build online services.

Our pricing is based on a subscription model (SaaS) with self-onboarding for smaller companies and through a network of resellers to larger companies.

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