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An advanced air conditioning system for Electric Vehicles


E-llum A/C project aims at launching in the automotive sector an advanced air conditioning system made using an innovative material, called E-llum as a new thermal source in an absorption air conditioning. This system can reduce by 20% to 40% the energy consumption of the air conditioning system of the electric vehicles. The solution developed, in fact, will make more efficient use of energetic resource, reaching a perfect control of the cooling process and reducing weight and installed power. Furthermore, it will increase the energy availability distances per charge and the general comfort thanks to the reduction of the noises and the cooler picks; E-llum A/C reduces the costs of the A/C car components and the time and costs of A/C maintenance. The E-llum A/C is a closed cycle system, instead of the common A/C system, because don’t release the thermal energy into the atmosphere as the actual external radiator sited into the Electric Vehicle, in addition It is also less harmful to the ozone layer as no HFCs gases are used. The goal is to realise a strong business growth of E-WENCO initiative: to sell more than 100,000 E-llum AC Systems per year, with an annual turnover of over 14 million euro.

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Net EU contribution
€ 50 000,00
Via San Michele Del Carso 23
20025 Legnano

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Nord-Ovest Lombardia Milano
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 21 429,00