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Industry 4.0 impact on management practices and economics


Project website

At the beginning of the project, the project steering committee will create a project website (deliverable 5.1), which once the ERA Chair is created, will become its website. It will therefore both promote the project, the ERA Chair, and above all research on Industry 4.0 management and economics. It will work within an online communication strategy

ERA Chair research strategy

The ERA Chair holder will issue the strategy as deliverable 3.1 by M16. The ERA Chair holder will consider a time for reaching a full scale operating capacity in the roadmap linked with the time needed to recruit the staff members (until M24). The strategy will be public and available on the project’s website.

ERA Chair holder job description and advertisement

The recruitment will be carried out by the project steering committee led by the project coordinator. First, the steering committee will submit the finalised job description and job advertisement (Deliverable 1.1) to the European Commission (EC) by month (M) 2.

Framework development for alignment between research strategy and smart specialisation strategy

Before producing the ERA Chair research strategy (task 3.1), the ERA Chair holder will write a short set of rules defining how the strategy can contribute to the Lithuanian S3. It will include a clear list of the priorities to address, a definition of the kind of outputs the ERA Chair can produce that is relevant to the S3, and the modalities of contributions. This framework will be issued as a public document.


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