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The Next Billion Musicians: Leading the Digital Disruption of Music Education

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - NextBillionMusicians (The Next Billion Musicians: Leading the Digital Disruption of Music Education)

Reporting period: 2019-02-01 to 2019-10-31

Music helps people express emotions and ideas, from the commonplace to the revolutionary. Playing a musical instrument is a great lifelong activity, and the benefits to individual and society are manyfold. Unfortunately, traditional means of music education do not work for most people.

However, now the technological advances enable totally new solutions to emerge. Yousician is a mobile service that uses advanced audio technology combined with music exercises to motivate users to learn and play an instrument. Users play along on their real instruments as the app provides instruction. Yousician has both the benefits of private lessons, guidance and feedback, and of self-learning methods such as books and videos, affordability and 24/7 access anywhere. Because of its game-like design, Yousician keeps users motivated to practice and lets them connect to other players around the world.

Yousician's educational approach is based on the best pedagogical practices and the learning patterns of millions of users. Today, Yousician is leading the disruption of the highly fragmented music education market which is in its infancy stage of digitalisation. By 2018, Yousician has reached 120 million downloads in 156 countries. However, we estimate the available market to be 1.1 billion people if learning music is made more inclusive.

The goal of this project is to make music education available to a billion new people. To do this we must: (1) increase the product range by adding more instruments, syllabi for advanced users and localisation to several languages and (2) build readiness to scale up in global markets. This project will help Yousician become a successful high-growth tech company of the sort Silicon Valley brings out. Furthermore, by giving millions of people access to music education, this project will massively grow the whole industry, ranging from music schools, bands, and artists to instrument manufacturing.
"The project developed and released a solution for new instrument Voice (singing), a new app for piano learners ""Piano by Yousician"" and also created a broad library of popular songs available to users. The project added several new features and improvements to user experience of the Yousician service, such as personalised recommendations for learning, new subscription options and easier search of content from the library. The project also improved Yousician's technical infrastructure and analytics platform.

The main results are the release and commercialisation of Voice instrument, Premium+ subscription model, new app for Piano learners and introduction of subscription-based monetisation model for ""Guitar Tuna"" -app. The Premium+ solution includes the broad song library and is aimed especially to advanced players. All new solutions have received a great interest from the users.

The project completed broad communication activities that resulted in over 50 million new people trying Yousician services. With completed activities, Yousician is ready to scale up to enable a billion new musicians."
The project has developed a totally new affordable and effective way to learn to sing by combining the scalability of digital platform with gamification and great learning content. By adding a new instrument and significant amount of new content to the service, the learning of music is made available to millions of new users.

The new more inclusive monetisation models developed in the project have made it possible for people in the different countries across the world to use new digital learning solutions.

By enabling 50 million new people to try out learning music with Yousician, the project is increasing the size of the total industry of learning and playing music. As amount of people learning music grows, the whole music industry (for example artists, teachers, instrument makers) benefits from increased activity and demand.
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