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A diagnostics platform for dengue fever and mosquito-borne diseases


BluSense Diagnostics has developed an innovative nanotechnology-based point-of-care blood testing platform for detecting dengue fever. With a single drop of blood, we can within minutes and with very high accuracy, test whether patients have been infected with dengue fever. The technology will be a major step forward in the treatment of dengue in areas around the world, where dengue is a serious threat. In 2016, more than 330m people were tested positive for dengue, and the number is growing. Our first dengue diagnostic blood-test will be ready for sales in Q2 2018.

The overall objective of the project is to enable BluSense to move from a single and narrow product (ViroTrack Dengue Acute) produced in low-volumes, to a full diagnostic dengue platform (Virotrack Dengue Combo) produced on a high-throughput automated line, and to facilitate the market entry with pre-sales activities in terms of e.g. local regulatory approval and training.

With the Virotrack Dengue Combo platform we can not only diagnose if patients are infected with dengue, but also test the severity of the infection. Hence is becomes much easier to advice the right treatment.

Beyond this project, the aim is to further develop the Virotrack Dengue Combo platform into a generic infectious diseases platform.

If the project is successful, Virotrack Dengue Combo can be launched in the market right after the 24-month project period, mid 2020. We furthermore aim at going break-even in 2021 and at that time employ 53 full-time employees, up from approx. 30 today.

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