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Risk Governance of Nanotechnology


Project website, house style, and social media profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn) finalized

A set of communication tools will help to keep interested partners and stakeholders (public bodies, regulators, civil society, industry, general public, etc.) updated on project developments and results.

Draft guidelines regarding the quantification of macro-economic benefits

Draft guidelines will be produced for quantifying economic benefits relating to GDP and job growth given the human and environment risk (tasks 3.1, 3.2 and 3.4), from a macro-economic viewpoint. This will include economic approaches such as Willingness-To-Pay, and will show how different regulatory approaches positively/negatively impact the economic opportunities and job creation using a Welfare Economics model.

Mapping, analysis and selection of operating practices of governance bodies

As the NanoReg2 project undertook a mapping exercise of bodies potentially interesting to the RGC, the resulting confidential deliverable will be used as a basis for the work of Task 7.3. Existing data will be carefully checked and updated, if needed, taking into account EU, national and international bodies.

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Agglomeration of titanium dioxide nanoparticles increases toxicological responses in vitro and in vivo

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