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Development and Implementation of a Sustainable Modelling Platform for NanoInformatics.


Overview of available data, modelling methods and modelling tools requirements

This report will provide overview of data of interest to NanoInformaTIX framework, modelling methods and tools envisaged for integration, and their specific requirements (data quality, e.g. input and output formats)

eport on ontology usage and requirements Workflow for ontological development and maintenance

-Existing ontologies will be analysed and list of new ontology entries will be proposed to maintainers of eNanoMapper and EMMO ontology. A workflow enabling continuous update and maintenance of the ontology will be described, in collaboration with existing ontology development communities.

Plan for stakeholder events and trainings

We will have two stakeholder events (together with WP7) to gather feedback on the development of the SNF Platform. We will also run annual training schools, if possible together with other EC funded initiatives, to transfer knowledge to the next generation of researchers, and a final event to disseminate the projects’ results to stakeholders

NanoInformaTIX Data Management Plan

This report will provide the first version of DMP describing the NanoInfomaTIX approach to data collection, management and curation.

Communication Basics

Logo, website, brochure, presentation template

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