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Enhance driver behaviour and Public Acceptance of Connected and Autonomous vehicLes


Impact indicators

D7.2 Impact indicators documents the user acceptance indicators from PAsCAL and other projects as well as broader potential impact factors related to PAsCAL’s outcomes (M08) (Task 7.2).

Impact areas and paths

D7.1 Impact areas and paths documents the basics for the impact assessment framework (M06) (Task 7.1).

Plan for promotion of results

D9.1 Plan for Promotion of Results documents the public results dissemination activities and defines the communication channels for the project (M02) (Task 9.1).

User-centered recommendations

D3.1 User-centered recommendations documents target-group specific recommendations for optimizing connected and automated solutions for current non-drivers based on the survey and construct validations (M18) (Task 3.1-3.3).

Communication material and Website

D9.2 Communication Material and Website documents the visual identity package, the posters, leaflets, brochures and videos as well as newsletters and the website purpose and structure (M04) (Task 9.1).

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“Comprendere il cambiamento per costruire il futuro” (Understanding the change to build the future)

Author(s): Nuccia Fedel
Published in: Onda Verde, Issue N. 24 Jul-Aug 2019, 2019

“La strada dell’informazione per il futuro della mobilità” (The road of information for the future of mobility)

Author(s): Nuccia Fedel
Published in: Onda Verde, Issue N. 25 Sep-Oct 2020, 2019

“Un poker di consorzi per l’Europa driverless” (A poker of consortia for the driverless Europe)

Author(s): Nuccia Fedel
Published in: Onda Verde, Issue N. 30 Jul-Aug 2020, 2020

Towards a world with driverless cars

Author(s): Editor
Published in: Luxinnovation's Annual Report 2018, 2019

“Analisi comportamentali a tecnologia avanzata” (Advanced technology behavioral analysis)

Author(s): Francesco Ferrero, Guillaume Gronier, Thibaud Latour, Luc Vandenabeele
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“Una Guide2Autonomy per tutti gli stakeholder” (A Guide2Autonomy for all stakeholders)

Author(s): Patrick van Egmond
Published in: Onda Verde, Issue N. 32 Nov-Dec 2020, 2020

“Il comportamento umano al test della realtà virtuale” (Human behavior in virtual reality test)

Author(s): Nuccia Fedel
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“Analisi comportamentali per un nuovo ecosistema” (Behavioral analysis for a new ecosystem)

Author(s): Nuccia Fedel
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“Mobilità indipendente, un diritto fondamentale” (Independent Mobility, a fundamental right)

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Societal impacts and gap analysis of connected and autonomous vehicles

Author(s): Junyan Chen, Kaushali Dave, Haibo Chen, Jianbing Gao, Ye Liu
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Véhicules autonomes et connectés : quels nouveaux défis pour l’ergonomie ?

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Ambivalence in Stakeholders’ Views on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

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A barrier to innovation: Europe’s ad-hoc cross-border framework for testing prototype autonomous vehicles

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A business model and cost analysis of automated platoon vehicles assisted by the Internet of things

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Legal issues in automated vehicles: critically considering the potential role of consent and interactive digital interfaces

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