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MØBIUS: Transforming medication management for improved patient safety

Project description

Automated management of medication prescription, dispensation and distribution

Hospitals, pharmacies and long-term healthcare facilities can face challenges with medication management including accurate prescription, dispensation and distribution. They must ensure adequate but not excess stock, which can result in waste of unused medicines; moreover, errors along the supply chain can have an impact on patient safety. The Iceland-based SME Thula – Nordic Source Solutions has developed MØBIUS, a software solution integrating electronic prescriptions, automated dispensing robots and distribution systems. Compared to manual management, it enhances accuracy and data security while reducing time, cost and resource waste. The EU-funded MOBIUS project will enable the team to add functionalities and conduct a feasibility study of the market including barriers and ways to overcome them.


Thula is an award-winning IT company based in Iceland with the mission of providing first class e-health solutions for medication management, logistics and electronic exchange of healthcare information. Thula has developed MØBIUS, a unique software solution that can manage the entire medication flow of hospital pharmacies, long-term healthcare facilities or companies providing healthcare services and logistics. Pharmaceuticals account for 20% of overall healthcare expenditures in OECD countries but a significant fraction of this investment could be reduced by eliminating inefficiencies in drug management (e.g. errors in prescription and dispensation; waste of unused medicines). MØBIUS is an integration platform designed to transform medicine management through enhanced automation. By linking different systems in the medication- and logistics loops, MØBIUS dramatically reduces inefficiencies in stock management and increases patient safety and security. MØBIUS integrates Electronic Prescriptions, automated dispensing robots and distribution systems. It also ensures availability of sufficient drugs for the patient, processes drug dispensing effectively, removes time wasting, saves resources, allows easy access to medicine, brings on more security on the data compared to manual-based systems, and improves accountability and traceability. The objectives of the SME Inst project include finalizing and validating the development of MØBIUS by integrating and packaging advanced features; search of commercial partners in target EU countries; in-depth assessment of entry strategy into the EU healthcare market; and a realistic and implementable business plan. We expect MØBIUS will generate about 40 new jobs and a cumulative ROI of €5.95 in the first 4 years after commercialization in Q1 2021. This submission, an improvement of a previous call in which we achieved a Seal of Excellence (13.22) intends to further demonstrate MØBIUS’ approach and our company’s value proposition.

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