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Infrastructure for Virtuosity Services Over the Top


ViSOT is an IT infrastructure to run virtualized services, specifically Over-The-Top (OTT) services, which are delivered to the users by means of their existing hardware resources, usually broadband routers. OTT services refers to those services which are used over the network services of a service provider, for instance Skype (Voice over IP), WhatsApp (messaging) or Netflix (video on demand). In the ViSOT project, OTT services are executed on a central server, which communicates the data and control to the local network by means of a small agent deployed on the router. OTT service is not a transmission network, but is instead a service that runs over an Internet network; moreover, the OTT service provider is typically distinct from the operator of the underlying network. Therefore, the router stores and executes this light software. In turn, software agent on the router transfers the data to the corresponding device linked to the router.
The ViSOT project is based on two novelty technologies: Service-Defined Networking (SDN) and Open Network Operating System (ONOS). It also has two well-defined sides: server and router. The server side which executes the services is implemented as an ONOS plug-in, providing a seamless integration in to virtualized environment or work as stand-alone system. The layered architecture streamlines automation and operations by decoupling the network data plane (the networking infrastructure) from the network control plane (the control logic) and by providing abstract, system-wide application programming interfaces (APIs).
We estimate that costs for OTT services to final users will decrease in 10%-15% for an average of 4 services per provider, due to these services are virtualized on the server, allowing service providers to improve their revenues, take back the customer relationship and restore average revenue per user growth. This will augment the end users’ satisfaction and, therefore, it will improve engagement and retention.

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SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1


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