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Improving the Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer without Additional Side Effects


Head and Neck (H&N) cancer is the 6th most frequent cancer and the average 5-year survival following the diagnosis is below 50%. Radiation therapy (at times combined with chemotherapy) is currently the most common method to tackle H&N cancer. Yet, its effectiveness goes hand in hand with its toxicity levels, and hence its side effects.
Our mission at Sensius is making the treatment of H&N cancer more effective without undesirable additional side effects. And the key innovation to achieve this mission is hyperthermia. There are numerous scientific evidences that warming up the tumor to about 42 °C improves its sensitivity to the radiotherapy treatment. In fact, there are already multiple solutions of the market offering devices for hyperthermia working on several types of cancer, but not for H&N cancer.
Our HyperCollar3D is the first device based on hyperthermia for H&N cancer. The HyperCollar3D has been tested by over 70 patients at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam with excellent results: patients have a 50% higher chance to be cured when hyperthermia is used as a complement of radiotherapy. These results have been validated by the scientific community, published on peer- reviewed medical journals and presented at scientific conferences.
This innovation has a huge business potential: only in EU & USA markets we could have about 50,000 new users every year. Other manufacturers already commercialize hyperthermia solutions for cancer treatment, but none of them focuses on H&N cancer because this area is complicated to treat. The IP of the HyperCollar3D has been protected with a European patent. The team behind the HyperCollar3d is top notch: the five founders of Sensius are a mix of medical, technical, and business expertise and they together wield decades of experience in high-tech product development, marketing of medical technology, and medical solutions based on hyperthermia.

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