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A hydrophilic polymer material


The Danish SME Jonsman Innovation ApS will target a major market opportunity through the market introduction of a new thermoplastic polymer (Tensistat) that creates truly hydrophilic devices right after injection moulding or extrusion. Like other thermoplastic materials, Tensistat can be used for many applications, but our R&D focus was to develop the best polymer for applications where hydrophilicity is mandatory for performance and safety (e.g. single-use medical devices such as diagnostic consumables, tubing for injectors, catheters and microfluidic devices). As devices produced with Tensistat are hydrophilic directly from the moulding machine, no post-processing, e.g. hydrophilic coatings are needed, meaning cheaper, safer and more reliable devices.
By ensuring and demonstrating a maximum level of effectiveness and complying with the regulatory requirements, we will attain a key differentiating factor in order to gain access to the market.
Initially, this will require a Phase 1 feasibility study that will give us a clear direction for our demonstration and market introduction strategies. Later, based on proven feasibility, in the Phase 2 project we will gather the necessary documentation to reach regulatory approval, so Tensistat can be used in the manufacturing of medical and microfluidics devices. Still, we will demonstrate the technical and economic benefits of Tensistat in these segments, to generate enough consumer confidence and facilitate broader market uptake. If the objectives for Phase 1 and 2 are successfully achieved, we will be favourably positioned towards a very large opportunity for Jonsman Innovation. Accordingly, we foresee a cumulative revenue of more than €29.7 million, 5 years after commercialization of the Tensistat material.

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