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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - YuScale (NEXT LEVEL NUTRITION TRACKING – SHAZAM FOR FOOD)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2018-10-31

At the beginning of the SME Instrument Phase I, we conducted a SWOT and a PORTER analysis. The initial expectations before using these tools were low because usually these kinds of analysis are given little attention in the startup scene. That’s why we were positively surprised by the results. One of the most important findings was the fact that we worked too early and too long on a complex vision, what hindered us from placing a product on the market.

In consequence, we shifted our whole innovation and go-to-market strategy. We realized that with YS GO! we already have a strong product that is ready to be placed in the market. Hence, the further development of the YS Auto Nutri app will only be intensified once YS GO! has been successfully validated on the market.

This new strategy impacts two areas of the company. Firstly, we have established a clear HR plan and know exactly how much personnel we need in the different areas of our organization. Secondly, we are able to cover the running costs with our own resources. Thirdly, our lean approach enables us to create KPI’s to attract future investors.

Another important aspect was the evaluation of our dependence from external services and technologies. One example was the cancelation of the API usage of the FDDB (food database). This incident hit us hard because the FDDB canceled the API connection without further notice. Only after several inquiries, we were informed that the increasing data protection regulation since May was the reason for the cancelation.

Although this incident spend a lot of time, we were able to learn from it. From now on, we take a much closer look at the structures and dependencies of our company. With the generated insights over the last six months, we are confident to be well positioned to successfully lead our company into the commercialization phase.
(1) Trials
• Presentation of the module for automatic object volume detection
• Testing to verify the participants‘ ability to estimate the value of their property

(2) Pilots
• Leads against data (Diabetes Connect) / 100 Test user for YS Button and YS Nutri app
• Health insurance pilot (DKV) / Result: Rejected/rescheduled

(3) Hardware
The prototype of YS GO!
• Research of new manufacturer / Eurocircuits
• Completed design to manufacturing process / Eurocircuits
• Design and iteration of new cover / CNC Speedform
• Production of the 1st batch / 25 scales
• Preparation of the 1st (small) series production / 500 scales

(4) Software
• Research, testing and definition of the technology stack / Result: Decision for OpenCV, Apple VR module
• YS Nutri app update: Launched in May 2018 / Results: Framework switch from Ionic/Cordova to React Native
• Implementation of Elastic Search
• Click reduction and UI/UX optimization
• Development of YS Just Scale app
• Implementation of Fatsecret (launch mid-Oct)
• The growth of isolated image depth detection in a demo app
• Integration of service to handle critical user data compliant to EU law and regulations (GDPR, HIPAA) / Result: Achieving compliance with EU laws and regulations
• The launch of a Facebook campaign to promote YS Nutri app / Result: +1,000 dl

(5) Misc
• Business Plan
• Global market research mHealth, scales, further services / Result: Gaining in-depth knowledge about competitors, the entire landscape, existing technologies, opportunities, and threats.
• Innovation and business roadmap 2018 – 2020 / Result: Modified plan for the product, business, company development
• Plan for YuScale organizational structure | Result: Creation of a basis work breakdown structure (WBS) to be developed by and at YuScale.
This shift in the product and go-to-market strategy enabled us to be close to the most significant milestone within the young history of YuScale, as we are planning to enter the market by the end of 2018.

We were not able to measure any direct impact regarding the social and socio-economic aspects so far. Despite, with our PESTEL analysis we were able to identify external influences and areas that affect us positively. We suspect that the recently signed free trade agreement with Japan has brought us a price drop of 50% for the procurement of our sensors.

As a result of our various conversations and tests with many institutions, stakeholders and consumers over the last six months, we are very confident, that YuScale will have an extensive impact on mHealth and the global healthcare system.