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E-FREE (Smart Solutions): Towards a more ECO, HEALTHY and SAFE environment in every single lighting scenario.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - E-FREE (E-FREE (Smart Solutions): Towards a more ECO, HEALTHY and SAFE environment in every single lighting scenario.)

Reporting period: 2018-04-01 to 2018-09-30

EKIONA is a company specialized in personalized solar lighting solutions. It develops, manufactures and commercializes solar street lights located mainly in urban, residential, industrial, sports and recreational venues. EKIONA creates a solution that does not rely on electrical energy, is manageable throughout an online software and its technology assures lighting during all the nights of the year disregarding the weather conditions.

The solar street lights of Ekiona are 100% powered by solar energy, being sustainable and eco-friendly. The next development that will be performed by the company during the phase 2 of the project will integrate the actual solution to diverse sensors and gadgets in order to meet the necessities of smart cities and smart clients. Among the additional features there will be environmental measurements, communication, security and other packages to improve the life quality of the citizens and users. This improvement is mainly caused by the data the will be generated, allowing the responsible managers to suggest and apply changes based on real issues.

The objective of the next phase is to study and prototype the future added features in house and then expand to pilot project throughout Europe, to test on real situations, analyzing the data and performance, in order to create an business expansion and industrialization plan.
During this period Ekiona performed work regarding the market, the technologies related to their product and what should be the next steps in order to keep the project´s development.
The technical feasibility has shown that the path being followed is correct, some studies and tests were conducted, providing positive results, as the ones regarding air quality sensors and noise level sensors. This is a major first step in order to assure the possibility of adding the future elements to solar streetlights. Another part of the technical study, detailed above, is able to divide different installations depending on the communication networks available at the place, creating possibilities and standards for Ekiona´s projecting team.

On the other hand, the market study conducted showed many growth possibilities for Ekiona in different countries and within different scenarios. The scenarios are virtually infinite, adapting to the needs of the clients. This shows the adaptability of Ekiona, always working on personalized projects and therefore solutions. A financial projection about these possibilities was done, reinforcing the beliefs of a promising market and therefore sales and profits, not to mention the benefits for the users (inhabitants of places using the solutions).

To finalize, a risk assessment table was done to prepare Ekiona for any unexpected situation. This will support the team and help it be ready for any unforeseen events that might happen. These events, however, will be expected, and a solution route will be planned. By decreasing the impact of these risks, a smooth path for Ekiona is guaranteed.
During this period Ekiona was able not only to understand the feasibility of the new features to be added, but was also able to try them on real instalations and check the results. It was an innovative result as adding sensors and gadgets to solar street lights have their particularities and technical difficulties that Ekina was able to overcome.

It is expected that the life quality of the users and citizens of the region where the solar street lights will be implemented in going to be increased in many ways. As the new features are going to be added, more information regarding security, mobility, health and the environment will be available so that the managers (public or private ones) perform changes in the location, creating a better life for the people involved.
Six units of the Urban Series model. It features surveillance camera and air quality sensors.
Installation of 18 units of the Skyline Series Model in Logroño, Spain.
Installation of an Urban series model, featuring presence detector in Iza, Spain.