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An advance Multi-Side Boating Platform working with Passive Radar technology boosting a new emerging market


GREEN RADAR is a ground-breaking multi-side boating platform that takes advantage of our in-house passive radar technology. The platform is designed to increase maritime security mainly for leisure boats, displaying directly essential information on our smart-phone and in real-time: other ships positions, dangerous routes and paths, calculation of possible collision, obstacles, trajectory boats line description and speed accurate values.
The pioneer of the mentioned innovation is ECHOES S.R.L. an Italian spin-off from the CNIT (Inter- University Consortium for Telecommunications), mainly involved in design, development and commercialisation of low emission, small size and low energy consumption radar systems.
Our revolutionary system is set to change the entire industry, as it addresses the current limitations of active radars, that are expensive, bulky, energy intensive and produce high electromagnetic pollution. GREEN RADAR, instead works with zero electromagnetic emission and low electric consumption as takes advantage of the passive radar properties. The use of our system will allow Port Authorities (clients) and end-users to reduce maritime accidents by 35%, increase safety, save energy and reducing maintenance costs (25%). Ports as our main client, will be attract of our cutting-edge platform due to the notable cost savings by reducing the deployment of rescue craft units’ due to maritime accidents, improving the port management and promoting tourism activities along the coast.
With our solution, ECHOES S.r.l. estimates to generate an accumulated total Revenues of €9.77M in the first 5 years of commercialisation, while for ports this translate in 20% new clients. This would allow us to reach an accumulated ROI of 2.4. GREEN RADAR is fully aligned with our technical and commercial strategies and can contribute to boost the growth of ECHOES S.r.l. in order to occupy 0,36% of the global maritime and radar market.

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