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Introducing the world’s first system for in-air haptic feedback, through ultrasound MEMs arrays


MyVox has developed a unique transducer-platform, based on a patented technology that combines microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) with the mimicking of the ultrasound senses used by bats. The ground-breaking innovation greatly reduces cost and makes it possible to combine actuators microsystems (haptic touch and audio feedback) with many different applications (mobile phones, tablets, cars, robots etc.).

The disruptive nature of the technology lies in the design of the existing miniaturized MEMS platform, which enables in-air haptic & audio feedback function. MyVox solution actually eliminates the need for tools and touch-sensors and can therefore offer a wide variety of benefits. For example, in hospitals, where integrating MyVox haptic and audio-based sensor systems in equipment (thus removing the need for touching an actual surface and the use of a glove or other device), means that the contamination via common surfaces will be drastically reduced.

Other examples of how disruptive MyVox ground breaking sensors are, is their integration in the cockpits of vehicles, where they will greatly reduce the risk of accidents by removing the need for taking the eyes of the road (with virtual buttons placed in the line of sight, rather than on the dashboard). As a visual aid (the sensor will allow a virtual button to have different surface feels, thus functioning as a virtual braille, etc.).

Current pricing means that customers pay 1000 USD per unit (only one company offer something similar, although their solution is on a dm scale rather than MyVox sub-centimeter scale). MyVox aims to introduce its system at a cost below 50 USD, thereby reducing the cost by 95%.

MyVox current business plan indicate a possible revenue of 1.5 Million Euro in 2020, 8 Million Euro in 2021 and 30 Million Euro already in 2022 for the sensor platform alone. Adding haptic and audio feedback means the market share will grow exponentially as there are no competing solution world wide.

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