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Rethinking Of Antimicrobial Decision-systems in the Management of Animal Production


Website on line and communication package

ROADMAP website will be launched and communication documents will be issued.

First batch of practice abstract for end-users

Practice abstracts describing the main information/recommendation/practice will be issued to serve the end-users in their daily practice. First series

Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results- ODP

Document detailing ROADMAP main results their potential users and their strategy of dissemination

ROADMAP guidelines for recruitment of stakeholders

These guidelines will include: i) Composition and roles of the stakeholders community, ii) Detailed rules of governance of the SAB (decision making processes, dependencies with the other WPs, etc.), iii) Operational management procedures at regional and European levels, and iv) creation of templates making possible the work harmonisation. Dissemination level: Public

Methodological choices to map the technical-economic and regulation frameworks and identify the socio-technical lock-ins towards a reduced AMU

The deliverable is a report identifying the data collection strategy for each case study examined and the data elaboration techniques, the methods to integrate the data and information elaborated from the different case studies and the whole coherence of the methodological choices operated at the case study and task levels with respect to the WP1 and Pillar 1 objectives.

The regulatory framework of AMU in livestock farming and its evolution

This deliverable is a report mapping the current AM regulatory framework in Europe and its current evolution including the development of private standards

Report about critical points for action (including levers, incentives and real time indicators) to be used at farm, industry and regulatory levels for reducing AMU

Report about critical points for action including levers incentives and real time indicators to be used at farm industry and regulatory levels for reducing AMU

Report on Key stakeholders across the food and drug chain with associated data and data collection protocols - peer reviewed publication

The report will include analysis of data from the case studies, reports in interviews with people across the livestock food systems and an outline of a peer reviewed publication.

Report about socio-technical solutions to reduce AMU at farm level

The report will contain a compilation of strategies and solutions implemented in the Case Studies but also beyond e.g. from EU member states not represented in the project.

ROADMAP project management guidelines

A document providing information to the partners about the internal rules of functioning will be issued. It is devoted to guide the partners with the process of submission of deliverables, milestones, and reporting.

Report on desired outcomes for interventions of the key stakeholders with associated data and data collection protocols - peer reviewed publication

The report will include analysis of motivation and perception data from the case studies followed by testing of selected outcomes through interviews with critical decision makers An outline of a peer reviewed publication will also be provided

Preliminary report on social science theoretical framework

The ROADMAP theoretical framework for informing the data gathering and analysis will be described.

Mid-term report on stakeholder consultations

Report consisting of stakeholder meeting minutes survey results notesetc

Guidance document for implementing Living labs and data collection in the Case Studies

In order to organise the date collection in the Case Studies selected for implementation in WP4, a guidance document will be developed. The document gives clear instructions on what data need to be collected and how.

Searching for OpenAIRE data...


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