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Bioenergy retrofits for Europe’s industry

Resultado final

Template for case studies

As a starting point for all case studies, BTG will lead the work on developing a template for the case studies (D3.1). The template will cover the sections project description, supply chain and market assessment, environmental and techno-economical assessment, following the methodology of feasibility studies. Participating partners: BTG, BE2020, VTT, CERTH, ESS, EPBiH, CIEMAT, DBFZ, TFMC Relation to the task: 3.1

Report on drivers and barriers for retrofitting

in Task 42 a more general survey will be implemented with the whole industry which has not yet implemented retrofitting measures A summary of the drivers and barriers for retrofitting will be compiled as a deliverable D42 Participating partners DBFZ WRRelation to the task 42

Summary paper on retrofitting options

Options for retrofitting the energy industry with bioenergy in Europe will be presented in a summary paper for policy makers. The summary paper will show technical and non-technical information from the previous tasks, as well as highlight the opportunities, barriers and challenges in retrofitting. Participating partners: all partners Relation to tasks: 2.6, 2.1-2.5

"Handbook for non-technicians on ""Technical options for retrofitting energy industries with bioenergy"""

A handbook on Technical options for retrofitting energy industries with bioenergy will be elaborated in order to present the technical opportunities of retrofittingThe size of the handbook will be 50 100 pages and it will be provided in electronic format and as hardcopy only final version It will be elaborated in English and translated by BTG VTT CIEMAT CERTH B2020 ESS and EPBiH to the target country languages to broadly disseminate it among several EU countries The first edition will be available M12 the final version on M41Participating partners WIP BE2020 BTG VTT CERTH CIEMAT ESS EPBiHRelation to task 24

Policy paper of recommendations for policy makers

The aim of this task is to make a synthesis of the main project findings WP2 WP3 WP4 and create a multidisciplinary policy recommendations document regarding preferable conditions for retrofitting bioenergyParticipating partners VTT BE2020 WIP BTG translations by BTG VTT CERTH CIEMAT B2020 ESS EPBiHRelation to the task 53

Report on the policy conference and final European Dissemination Workshop in Brussels

At the end of the project a European Dissemination Workshop will be organized and implemented in Brussels Minutes participant lists summaries Participating partners all partnersRelation to the task 54

Documentation of the WG Meetings and B2B matchmakings

The B2Bmatchmaking activities will be reported annually together with the industry fora D4345Participating partners all partnersRelation to the task 43 44

Report on the legal, institutional, and political frameworks at national and European level

Framework conditions will be assessed in the participating BIOFIT countries and compared to each other. Main drivers and barriers will be identified and the main results will be summarised in a report. Participating partners: All partners Relation to task: 2.5

Documentation of study tours

Three study tours for industry representatives and project partners will be organised by VTT BE2020 and BTG to best practice examplesParticipating partners VTT BE2020 BTG

Best practice fact sheets

Concrete retrofitting best practice examples will be studied, using the experience of the project partners with actual retrofitting cases. Two cases per target industry (10 in total) will be elaborated. The best practice examples will be presented in dedicated factsheets. Participating partners: all partners Relation to task: 2.2

Guideline for replication of the case studies

A guideline D32 will be created for replication activities in similar case studies Technical environmental and economic aspect will be included in this guideline for the implementation of the proposed solutions Participating partners BE2020 DBFZ CIEMAT VTT BTG CERTH ESSRelation to the tasks 37 31 36

Public acceptance: recommendations for stakeholder consultation

We aim to ask a group of 3200 citizens in 4 Member States where retrofitting has been implemented about how they perceive the company and their retrofitting activitiesThe final outcome will include recommendations for integrating critical factors for social acceptance within the retrofit casesParticipating partners All partnersRelation to the task 52

Announcement of the composition of the Industrial Advisory Board

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) will be created at the beginning of the project in order to provide feedback to the methodology, recommendations, policy paper, surveys, etc. The IAB will be set-up with representatives of case study examples, but also from industries that will not be represented in BIOFIT by a case study. Participating partners: all partners Relation to the task: 4.1

Recommendations and lessons learned from the case studies

The project partners will discuss the lessons learned from all case studies derive recommendations from these and summarize the findings in a publishable document D36Participating partners BE2020 VTT BTG CERTH ESS EPBiH CIEMAT DBFZ TFMC BCyL SB HELPERelation to the task 37

Sectoral recommendation papers on conditions and options for retrofitting in five industrial sectors

Working Groups WG will be setup with more representatives of whole industrial sectors The WG will elaborate recommendation papers on conditions and options for retrofitting D43 for the 5 addressed industriesParticipating partners DBFZ CIEMAT VTT BTG CERTH ESSRelation to the task 43

Cost assessment summary

The results from the cost assessments and market benefits of all case studies and the reference cases will be pulled together in a separate document D34 Participating partners BTG BE2020 VTT CERTH ESS EPBiH CIEMAT DBFZ TFMC BCyL SB HELPERelation to the task 35

Documentation of business missions

two business missions to overseas developing or emerging countries will be organised for technology providers industries and project partnersParticipating partners all partnersRelation to the task 46

Sustainability assessment

The results from the environmental assessments of all case studies will be pulled together in a separate document D35Participating partners CERTH BE2020 BTG VTT CERTH ESS EPBiH CIEMAT DBFZ TFMC BCyL SB HELPERelation to the task 36

Final Report

Publishable final report for broad dissemination to relevant stakeholdersParticipating partners BTGRelation to task 14


website with project information (objective, partners, demo cases), news, links, etc. Participating partners: WIP, BTG Relation to the task: 6.1

Online industry retrofitting map

Data and locations of industrial facilities in Europe that have already been successfully retrofitted to include more bioenergy or to produce biofuels will be collected in a database and made publicly available via an online-map. Participating partners: all partners Relation to task: 2.1

Project poster and Roll-ups

A0 Project poster and/or roll-ups for conferences and other dissemination Participating partner: BTG Relation to the task: 6.2

Digital support tool for retrofit examples and retrofit potential studies

An easytouse DST Digital Support Tool will be developed that can be used by industries to determine the benefits of retrofitting based on a few criteria such as CAPEX reduction It will include a basic economic calculation tool for retrofitting VTT takes the responsibility for developing the tool BTG and BE2020 will assist by providing mass and energy balances and various calculations undertaken during the assessments All partners will test it before finalisationParticipating partners all partnersRelation to the task 51

Project flyer

Printed and electronic flyers in English and in national languages. Participating partners: WIP Relation to the task: 6.2


Technical options for retrofitting industries with bioenergy:a handbook

Autores: Rutz, Dominik; Janssen, Rainer; Reumerman, Patrick; Spekreijse, Jurjen; Matschegg, Doris; Bacovsky, Dina; Gröngröft, Arne; Hauschild, Stephanie; Dögnitz, Nils; Karampinis, Emmanouil; Kourkoumpas, Dimitrios-Sotirios; Grammelis, Panagiotis; Melin, Kristian; Saastamoinen, Heidi; Susmozas Torres, Ana Isabel; Iglesias, Raquel; Ballesteros, Mercedes; Ballesteros, Mercedes; Gustavsson, Göran; Johanss
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Process strategies for the transition of 1G to advanced bioethanol production

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Drivers and barriers in retrofitting pulp and paper industry with bioenergy for more efficient production of liquid, solid and gaseous biofuels: A review

Autores: Elina Mäki; Heidi Saastamoinen; Kristian Melin; Kristian Melin; Doris Matschegg; Hanna Pihkola
Publicado en: Mäki , E , Saastamoinen , H , Melin , K , Matschegg , D & Pihkola , H 2021 , ' Drivers and barriers in retrofitting pulp and paper industry with bioenergy for more efficient production of liquid, solid and gaseous biofuels : A review ' , Biomass and Bioenergy , vol. 148 , 106036 ., Edición 11, 2021, Página(s) 106036, ISSN 0961-9534
Editor: Pergamon Press Ltd.
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Driving public acceptance (instead of skepticism) of technologies enabling bioenergy production: A corporate social responsibility perspective

Autores: Danny Taufik; Hans Dagevos
Publicado en: Journal of Cleaner Production, 324, Edición 10, 2021, Página(s) 129273, ISSN 0959-6526
Editor: Elsevier BV
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BIOFIT first results

Autores: Reumerman, P.J.; Rutz, D.; Janssen, R.; Bacovsky, D.; Gröngröft, A.; Saastamoinen, H.; Mäki, E.; Karampinis, E.
Publicado en: Proceedings of the 28th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (e-EUBCE 2020), Edición 16, 2020, Página(s) 1, ISBN 978-88-89407-20-2
Editor: ETA Florence
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BIOFIT Case Studies - How to Adapt Existing Industrial Facilities

Autores: Bacovsky, D., Matschegg, D., Davidis, B., Spekreijse, J., Kourkoumpas, D.S., Tzelepi, V., Sagani, A.
Publicado en: Proceedings of the 29th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (e-EUBCE 2021), Edición 1, 2021, Página(s) 1, ISBN 978-88-89407-21-9
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Co-firing and biomass conversion experiences in Europe and the world

Autores: Emmanouil Karampinis, Panagiotis Grammelis, Emmanuel Kakaras
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Editor: Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Special Editions Volume CXCVI Department of Technical Sciences, Committee for Energy and Environment, Volume 19

Bioenergy Retrofits for Europe’s Industry - The BIOFIT project (HORIZON2020)

Autores: Reumerman, P.J., Vos, J., Rutz, D., Janssen, R., Bacovsky, D., Gröngröft, A., Saastamoinen, H., Karampinis, E., Ballesteros, M., Johansson, D., Kazagic, A., Wanders, M., Meeusen, M.J.G., Hull, A., Kiartzis, S.J., García Alonso, J.M.
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Innovative Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) Process for a Nordic Pulp and Paper Mill

Autores: Mäki, Elina; Saastamoinen, Heidi; Melin, Kristian; Matschegg, Doris; Davidis, Bas; Spekreijse, Jurjen; Tselepi, Vasiliki; Kourkoumpas, Dimitrios-Sotirios; Axegård, Peter
Publicado en: Proceedings of the 29th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (e-EUBCE 2021), Edición 1, 2021, Página(s) 1, ISBN 978-88-89407-21-9
Editor: ETA Florence

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