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Concerted Action EPBD V


Public Power Points on progress of CA V

A set of power points will be developed to describe the CAV EPBD project and the progress made in the work One set of descriptions of the project in general and on different elements on the project objectives and goals will be developed shortly after the start of the project These power points will be used for presentations for external partners and stakeholdersSections on outcomes of the CAV EPBD project will be updated over the lifetime of the project to include the results progress and the new elements which are developed One or multiple versions will be kept in the Glasscubes under management team easily accessible for all management teamThe coordinator is responsible for these power points but with support from CTMs for content on development of topics each delivering some slides and from the communication team on central communication issues strategy

CTM Contribution to website

As part of the revamp of the website the sections for each central team core teams and crosscutting teams will be updated to reflect the new structure the new lead and the new priorities of the central teams Each CTM will deliver input to this process for the part they are responsible for this includes priorities key topics and some basic information on current state and the link to the revised EPBD directiveOver the lifetime of the CAV EPBD these sections will be updated according to needs for improvements and to increase the description of results and linking to new results and lessons learnedThe steering group lead by the coordinator is responsible for the coordination of this process while the final language control and uploading is a part of the communication under deliverable 63

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